Cosfest X.2 (Day 2, Cosplay Photo Pimps 1)

The 2nd day of Cosfest X.2 saw 4 teams compete it out for the chance to represent Singapore in the World Cosplay Summit Competition. Congratulations to Aya and Raistlin for winning the glory!

I was too lazy to cosplay that day so I went in casual clothes. I must say I’m surprised so many of you were still able to recognise me >////<;; Thank you for taking the time to say Hi to me =)

Cosfest 26 feb 12 187

It could just be me but I felt the crowd turnout for Day 2 was bigger than Day 1. With that, I found it even more difficult to snap photographs of other cosplayers. As usual, I had my fair share of bumping into photographers, hitting my head on their lens (I think ) and getting annoyed with the numerous feet in the background.

Anyway, below are some photos I tediously edited. Leave me a comment if you like them ^_^!


Anonymous said…
omg Kaika! I never see you on day 2 ))):
seangoo said…
Well Done Kaika!! Thank for taking your precious times editing the photos. The final edited photos is very nice. Your hard work have paid off:):) jia you!!!
seangoo said…
I like the photos alot!!well taken!!

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