COSMODE photo submissions for a special issue

Hi guys, the popular Japanese Cosplay Magazine is currently opening submission for photos of Cosplayers outside of Japan! Thanks to the heads up by Cosplay.Com .

Attention all cosplayers!
COSMODE magazine is putting together a special edition specifically featuring high quality photos of cosplayers from outside of Japan.
This will be a completely separate, special issue. The supervisor of this special edition is Jacky Dosai, an editor for COSMODE and the Asia manager for
This is open to both cosplayers and photographers! The submission guidelines are below. If you have any questions, please direct them to Jacky at

Submission Guidelines (Provided by COSMODE)
Photo format: JPEG or RAW. Please send the highest resolution possible for your image.
Cosplayer's Name (If two or more people are included, please send the names of each, as well as a group name if applicable)
Cosplay Name
City and Country
Email Address
Photographer's Name

Cosplayers - if you are submitting, you are affirming that you have the consent of the photographer to submit the photo
Photographers - if you are submitting, you are affirming that you have the consent of the cosplayer(s) to submit the photo

Retouching/editing the photo prior to submission is allowed.
Notations within the photo are not allowed.
Logos are not allowed.


The photos will only be used within the publication of COSMODE magazine.
The photos may also be used in conjunction with publicity for COSMODE magazine.

Prohibited Subjects

Exposure of excessive skin
Political propaganda
Anything of an insensitive, racial nature
Insulting depictions of the original character
Photos will be carefully selected by the COSMODE Japan editorial department.
If you meet all of the qualifications above, please send the photo and required information to
Good luck!
(Note - I wasn't told if there is a limit of submissions per person, I am getting this clarified and will update here once I find out.)

How many of you are interested to submit ? I wonder if I should join O_O. If I do, which of my Cosplay photograph do you guys think I should submit?


Light said…
Thank you for that! I haven't see it on coscom yet!

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