Costume Interview: Heishiro Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur 4)


Here we are again with another Costume interview video! Much thanks to Drefano for obliging the interview! My apologies if the special effects at the beginning was a tad bit tacky. I kind of screwed up the camera works so that was my way of covering up.

This interview was actually filmed during Cosfest 2010 *palms* . I am so sorry to Drefano (and the other Cosplayers I interviewed T_T) for dragging this long but 2010 - 2011 was an unbelievably busy period for me.

Anyway, I’m really excited to have the chance to interview and feature this Cosplayer today. As a Cosplayer, Drefano stands out from the crowd with his muscular physique and choice of characters. Mostly seen portraying characters who shares his built, Drefano is like a Gamer Fan’s hero come to life. His unique addition to the community definitely adds a much welcomed variety. Because let’s face it, too much kawaii girls and bishounens can get boring.

Also admirable is the dedication to crafting this guy clearly exhibits. Check out the interview video to learn some Costume tips from him!

Drefano cosplaying as Jecht from Final Fantasy X

Here’s a clip of him dancing to “Nobody” while cosplaying as Jecht xD

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview, leave me a comment and share your opinions. And remember to check out Drefano’s Deviantart gallery!


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