J-Obsession 2011 @ The Cathay ( Cosplay photo pimps)

How many of you went to the IT Show last weekend? Well I did. went to the IT Show for my long desired Canon G12 and then popped by J-Obsession 2011 @ The Cathay since it was so nearby.

There was a Cosplay Competition happening when I was there. Most of the cosplayers who took part were singing =) I wish I knew who won.

Anyway, I’m sorry I don’t have as much photographs to show today. The event was really small and I found it really hard to ask for pictures. The shaded lighting conditions also made for blurry pictures =( Either way, enjoy!


Anonymous said…
I know this is out of Topic and Old, But you are on Stomp with Kipi.
annoymous: LOL thanks for the link ^^;

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