Some Updates ...

Hi guys, before I realised, this blog has been inactive for more than 10 days already.

I apologise in advance but I've just been busy with life and my own cosplays. Yes, I just suck at multi tasking and dressmaking =\ I guess I'm feeling pretty burnt out too. My head says yes but my body says no, LOL.

Nevertheless, I just had a Lovely Complex Photoshoot so look forward to the photographs soon! The costume's pretty simple but if you guys want, I might do a tutorial sort of blog entry about the costume and make up. Those of you who have been following TheCosplayChronicles on Facebook would know of my obsession with makeup and looking like a man these few days xD

This is one of the trial Special Effects makeup I did. Virtual love for anyone who can guess which character this is mimicking!

Also, it is confirmed that I'm going to SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show this July! After much agony and self debates, I finally bought my Plane tickets so now, it's towards a no-retreat route! Hope to see you guys at the event ^_^!

And that's not the last travel/event I will be going this year. Which means my wallet is crying out loud for mercy now = \ Help me click on the ads T_T

Either way, see you guys soon!


HOMFG YESSSSSSUH :"DDDDDDD SO GLAD YOU'RE COMING !!! Gonna stalk you down ehehehhe >D
cheriepy said…
Cute Ootani pose~~
Oh wow... you're coming to Sydney?! Yay, definitely have to see you at Smash:DD

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