Which costume D:?

And so, just in case you missed my previous updates. I will be attending Cosplay: The Series' 1st anniversary event that is held at Bandung, Indonesia . More information here –> Cosplay- The Series 1st Anniversary Event


Event: Cosplay: The Series 1st Anniversary Event
Venue: COFFEE CLINIC, Jl. Rancakendal 9, Dago Pakar, Bandung (Indonesia
2pm – 10 pm
Entrance Fee: Rp 20,000

Well now, my reason for this post is actually to seek opinions on which costume to bring over? I’m on a lease of 10kg hand carry luggage so no big costumes for me xD  I’m hoping to bring something light and comfortable but I’m so fickle minded I can’t decide!.  

Help XD!

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Caroline said…
I voted for Moriyama Shiemi , Kimono Version
It's not too common like Haruhi's and it's cute! :D
I want to see you cosplaying as Moriyama Shiemi in summer uniform X3♥

kirin said…
Awesome u're so lucky! OwO Have fun there. (>///<)
OMEGA said…
Mother of God, what a really beautiful and perfect cosplay!!
Why i can make a really god cosplay?
Well this year... MAtryoshka or Marin of Eagle

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