Japanese Arts Fiesta II


Event Name: Japanese Arts Fiesta II
Date: Saturday, 2nd June 2012
Time: 11:00am - 7:30pm
Venue: Dunman High School (DHS), 10 Tanjong Rhu Road, (S) 436895
Website: http://www.facebook.com/j.arts.fiesta

Japanese Arts Fiesta, or JAF, is an annual Japanese culture-themed event aimed at educating the public about the traditional as well as the pop culture of the Japanese society, together with providing a platform for all those who love Japanese culture in Singapore to gather and share the joy. All are welcomed to bask in the atmosphere of amusement and enjoyment.

JAF was first initiated by the students of Dunman High School’s Anime Comics and Gaming Club in 2011 as a charity cultural event in partnership with Children’s Cancer Society. With the reins passed on to the newly formed Yutaka Japanese Cultural Club (DHS YJCC) in 2012, this year marks the return of JAF2 with a larger play area and more entertaining attractions, including a Haunted House.”

Yes! JAF is coming back again! With SOY gone, it’s nice to see another For-Fans-By-Fans event still standing. What's more, it’s by a group of secondary school students!


Check out the awesome list of things happening at JAF this year.


Meido deprived Singaporean Otakus, you know themed Cafes like these are hard to come by. So make sure you get your dose of Meido Moe fix at the Toki Doki Meido x Shitsuji Cafe!

I’m not allowed to reveal the Menu but I’ll let you in on something, it looks yummy XD

image image

The Guest Maids Emi and Yami. I think Yami is supposed to be a tsundere, thus her kinda standoff-ish self introduction and gothic accessories xD


image image

More maids and butler pictures ^^


Other than the highly anticipated Maid and Butler Cafe, there is also my personal favourite. The Haunted house XD! The last time I tried one was at a Japanese School Open House. I’m definitely looking forward to scaring the hell out of the Ghosts and Zombies >D!


Also look out for popular Singaporean Cosplayers Aya, Raistlin, Lawliet, Xrystal and Rainer Tachibana. They will be the Cosplay Judges for JAF II’s Cosplay Competition.

image image image


Other than the highlights above, there will also be Singing performances , Manga Drawing Competition , Games and Photography Booths. I love any events that gives the attendees something to play with, other than the usual merchandise buying and stage performance watching. I have ADHD, I cannot stand still xD.

Below are the Event Schedules.


Concert and Competition Schedule

Time Slot




Concert (Band)


Panic Ducks!


The Renewed Revelation


Cosplay Competition



Concert (Solo)

Beiyi (Mikan)

Chitra Padmaja (Mizuki) Melissa Loh (M.E.L)

Nada Irdina Bte Azmi


Chang Boon/Keri-Ann Lee


Evelia (Mitsuki)

Halim Ahmad (Sergie) Dempster Lee (Ryodo)

Serene Teo (Yami)

Ngoh Chang Boon





Indie Stage and Cultural Schedule

Time Slot


Nickname/ IC(Band)

1200 – 1245

Concert (Indie)

Dewi Yulliannie (Waru)

Ismail Bin Samad (Makio)

Joyce Lim Zi Ying (Joyce)

1245 – 1300



1300 – 1345

Origami Session 1


1345 – 1400



1400 – 1415

Concert (Indie)

Kam Ai-Ting, Aideen (Kawanashi Aiko)

Hong Xin Ni (Nanami)

Ng Sheng Chun (Akie)

1445 – 1500



1500 – 1545

Origami Session 2



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