Random Cosplay Tips #10: How to turn Fabric tube inside out

Making a fabric tube  is one of the easiest and most annoying task to do in dressmaking. In case you don’t know where you’ll be needing to make fabric tubes in Cosplays, check out my Kagamine Rin Costume tutorial entry.

Most of my Cosplay’s belt are done with a fabric tube method. While sewing it is easy, turning it inside out can be frustrating. I realise not everyone knows this little trick so I hope this helps!

I usually turn my tubes with a safety pin or a ruler.

But this method is so much faster O.O! I bet you don’t need to buy those special tools either. If you live in South East Asia, just use your normal Bubble Tea straws (or normal straws if your fabric tube is narrow) and push with a chopstick!

Hope this helps!


scratchcat said…
useful tip! thanks for sharing :D
Ana Tiki said…
Its so simple, nut so amazing!!!!!!!

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