Top 10 finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2012! Vote for me!

Oh.My.God. I can almost cry now! The Cosplay Chronicles has been selected as one of the top 10 finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards, Best VLog category!

“ Organised by, a bilingual news and interactive web portal by leading media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH), the Singapore Blog Awards honour tireless "new age wordsmith" who devote much time and energy in maintaining informative, regularly updated and innovative blogs, often out of interest rather than for personal gains”

Even though TCC is now considered the top 10, it won’t mean anything until she gets to at least top 5. So please help vote for TCC if you think this blog deserves it! It would be really awesome to see a representative for our favourite Hobby in a mainstream national contest!

You would need to register for an account with Omy before you can vote. And you are allowed to vote once every day for each category (only 1 blogger per category)! Sorry, it’s going to be a long battle (Voting ends 30th Jun 2012) but I’d really appreciate every vote I can get T_T

Unfortunately, Likes and Shares are not counted. Click on the big Yellow Comic Exclamation to vote ! 

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After you are done voting , the comic icon turns blue and tells you you have “Voted” for this particular Blogger.  I’m sorry to bother you guys again but pleaseeeeee vote for The Cosplay Chronicles as much as you can hokays?


You won’t believe how much this means to me.

Ploughing this blog is a difficult job. And many a time, the identity and position of a Cosplay Blogger just seemed so neglected by the rest of the world I ask myself why do I bother.

Being a Subject focused blog, and in this case a niche area, means I have significantly lesser audience than say a Travel, Culinary or Lifestyle blog.

And I’ll be honest, I have been battling many doubts regarding this recently ( thus my very depressed status update on FB). I know there are going to be people who will tell me not to compare and that this blog is created for fun and Cosplay is for fun so I shouldn’t burden myself with such thoughts etc etc.

But get it, I spend countless amount of time in front of the computer creating original content for this blog and Youtube. I go to events I personally might not have any interest in so I can bring the blog readers something to read/see. I force my Cosplayer friends to grace my videos and go through the effort of editing them on a slow machine so I can bring some Cosplay insights/entertainment to a bunch of people I have never and perhaps will never see. I take the time out while rushing costumes to take progress photos and share the patterns I painstakingly created with the whole internet. I know I’m not a very good blogger, but I think I at least deserve some credit for being so generous.

And all that giving is fine until I start the sinful act of comparing myself to other bloggers.

It’s sad, but I know that even at my best, this blog would still never garner as much attention as another blog with a pretty girl posting random pretty pictures of herself. Kinda unfair when we look at it this way but alas, life was never fair….


Laurie said…
>,< I tried to create an account but I think it is only for Singapore Residents! Fighting TCC and Kaika! <3 Love from the Philippines~

I am so glad this blog is still alive and Kaika's patterns are heaven sent! I hope you make it!
Laurie: Thanks a lot for the support babe T_T!
Interested in every blogs of cosplay.
Cosplay costume said…
Very lively,thanks very much for the support babe

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