What happens to your costumes afterwards?

If Cosplay is like a dream in fantasy land then the aftermath would be a huge slap of reality. Left over fabrics, sequins, glue, feathers, ribbons, fake gems, chains, interface, sponge, craft foams, wires, spray paints and felt aside.

What about the costumes??????!!

Let’s face it, how many use will you get out of one costume? One rarely even manage to get 3 use out of it.

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Okay, fine. Even if you do get like, 3 use out of it. What happens to the costume next?
I don’t know about you, but every time I rummage through those stacks and drawers of costumes, I start to entertain quitting cosplay. While I really enjoy cosplaying and is somewhat addicted to it, there are also lousy moments when I look at what’s left and groan. And then I ask myself, was all those hours of hard work and money worth this short moment of fun =_=;;?

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For space constrained Singapore, this is an on-going challenge >_<;;



It depends on the costume. If it is a costume that I don't like a lot, I cut it up and reuse it. If I really like the costume I keep it. If the costume is good quality I will try and sell it: that's what I'm doing with my Wa Lolita cosplay dress.
Chelle said…
I tend to re-wear a lot of costumes since I can't afford to make many, and if I can't fund my next project I sell an older one on, making room to make some lovely new cosplay! That way I don't feel so bad letting them sit there, but to get some use and let someone else feel happy wearing it :)
Laurie L. said…
Somebody wrote about this finally ^ ^

I kinda do all the stuff in the poll box except for selling it. I am a fuller cosplayer and cosplayers in the Philippines are pretty much petite so even if I put my costumes up for sale it can get pretty slow. I usually keep my costume, tear it apart(if I am not as in love with it compared to when it was new) and use it for new cosplay.

As for my wigs, I rarely sell those, lend them what not since I developed a habit to collect wigs ^ ^
I cut it up to reuse the cloth ;A; or I try to sell it, which is hard too :<
I cannot bear to cut my costumes apart T___T
Sanahi said…
i always keep them with a thought of wearing them once again which rarely happens. But to me they are like children which i cannot abandon :)
DEARX said…
I personally dont cosplay as much as I use to when I was younger, so lately, I've been making costumes for my friends to use for photoshoots but really, after a shoot - whats gonna happen to the cosplay? ): it just ends up in storage. I try to resell them to make up for the cost of time and money into making the costume.
I dont personally like to make costumes as much anymore unless I plan on competing in them so I feel I get a little bit more out of it TAT
Me too T_T I find it hard to throw them away and kept pretty much all of my costumes until I decided to throw a few away recently.

I'm still trying to get into the idea of reselling them away but >_<

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