Cosfest, Day 2 (Photo Pimps)

Hi guys! Apologies for the massive delay but Cosfest Day 2 photos are here!


This year, Cosfest only held the Asia Cosplay Meet but expanded their reach to a lot more countries. Congratulations to Team Thailand for winning the competition!


The event attendees could also buy photo book of the ACM contestants for signing.


The is also the first year that ( I know of ) Cosfest organised a Photography competition! Kudos to expanding !


We spotted a bunch of people with a “Costume & Props Fix Up Point” xD That’s a pretty cool idea if you think about it, I just  wonder if they charged for repairs ahaha.

Much thanks to all the cosplayers who posed for me. Remember to comment and tell me what you think about them =)


Cosplay costume said…
I want see the winer's cosplay photo show in this photography competition, why not post?

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