Fantasy Quest 2012 (Manila)

And so it has been more than a week since Fantasy Quest 2! Along with a bunch of other Singaporeans and Malaysian cosplayers/photographers, we had a lovely 5d4n stay in Philippines. Fantasy Quest, the event itself turned out to be a lot more magical and erm ... unexpectedly awkward for me.

Aug12_Philippines 051

We arrived at the event around 12pm and there were already people bustling about. Granted the turnout was not as big as other cosplay events in Philippine but considering how isolated the place is, it's a really good turn out.

Aug12_Philippines 103

And the first thing we noticed at the gate was a huge poster…. of us yesterday.

Aug12_Philippines 044

Everyone was shocked since nobody told us the random photos we took yesterday would be printed out on such a scale o_o. Poor Christy changed out of her costume early and ended up taking the picture in her Pyjamas haha…

Aug12_Philippines 043Aug12_Philippines 042

When we arrived, the first panel of the day had already begun. And it was a photography panel by this guy who’s name escapes my memory.

Aug12_Philippines 092Aug12_Philippines 097

The next panel was a make up tutorial panel hosted by Jerry Polence. Look at how intense her audience look xD it's like 100% concentration power to absorb every tip Jerry dish out. Hahaha.

Aug12_Philippines 064Aug12_Philippines 066

There were a few commercial sponsor booths but most of the booths were fan booths selling Anime merchandise, Contact lenses and Cosplay accessories.

Aug12_Philippines 063Aug12_Philippines 062

I didn't get as much chance as i hoped to roam around because we were soon summoned to join in the red carpet walk.


It was so embarrassing >////<;;


And when it came to Yuegene Fay's turn, the crowd was exhilarated ! This is Yuegene Fay cosplaying as Kise from Kuroko no Basuke.

The crowd response was so intense it scared even the event Marshals LOL ! We were supposed to sit in the VIP area but because the crowd were too excited , the event organisers decided to pull us backstage.


In this picture you see the pack of us stuck in a corner because we couldn't get out lol. Yuegene Wai joo so popular xD !?!


We then joked with Yuegene that we should all just surround her and dance the Oppa Gangnum style dance while we escort her back to the resting room. Maybe that will scare some of her fanboys/fangirls off xD


After the red carpet walk, Yuegene Fay changed into the blue version of the costume and went on to have a meet and greet session with her fans. And the organisers decided to let us sit in too OAO||||


This is us sitting awkwardly at the table, undeservingly sharing Yuegene's limelight LOL. It was an awkward session for me but I hope all the event attendees had fun ;)!

Had I have known how the day would pave out, I’d have worn a more elaborate costume instead of my simple “Reporter Get up’. Not to mention I even forgot to bring Shiemi’s belt and Hair bow T_T I was lucky I had a random pink bow that could pass off.

Aug12_Philippines 169Aug12_Philippines 171

How the session looked like from my POV. Check out the pile of gifts Yuegene’s fans gave her!

Aug12_Philippines 242

Aug12_Philippines 248

We retired back into our resting room and Yuegene Fay changed into her 3rd costume for the climax event of the day; The Grand ball dancing !

All the foreign cosplayers had to participate in this segment and we wee not allowed to dance with our own people. The initial instruction was that we would have to choose a stranger from the crowd but eventually they let loose the rules and Team Verdana got Drew to partner with me instead. And I secretly heaved a sigh of relief that at least it was someone I know xD I'm sorry but dancing with a stranger though exciting is also overwhelmingly stressful for a klutz like me >.<

The segment started with a lot of stage rawr rawr on who would do the first dance with special guest Yuegene Fay. All the ladies in the crowd were raising their hands and pushing forward for a chance to be picked  xD


And somehow, amidst the chaos, the first dance eventually went to Naokun –_-||| . Well at least the Fujoshis were happy since Naokun was cosplaying as Natsuki from UtaPri. Fan service much xD !!


Don't worry, Yuegene Fay did eventually select a fortunate girl to dance with. And coincidentally (or not!), the girl was cosplaying as Haruka in a white gown! It was such an awww moment to see both of them standing together in white stage worthy costumes <3551794_3785217143871_1142231417_n

The lot of us were gathered right in the centre of the crowd with a string of hardworking event marshals holding hands and surrounding us. Haha.

The dance was a simple 2 step sort of waltz and I was so nervous I cannot remember what song was played. Much thanks to my first dance partner, Drew for teaching me the basics of the dance. Drew was cosplaying as Noctis from FF13.

After a while there was a cue and we frantically changed partners. And I got to dance with the super cute Sese who was cosplaying as Miwako from Paradise Kiss xD I forgot the name of my third dance partner T_T

The last segment was an impromptu lip synching performance of the popular Vocaloid song, Just Be Friend (Ballad version) by Yuegene Fay. I honestly cannot remember how it started but it did and Yuegene was being an awesome sport. I couldn't have my camera with me for the most part so I have no photos to show. Thankfully, Z3ll who was the nice (and unfortunate ) guy to be pushed to hold my camera for me had the mind to record this priceless moment down. Thanks Z3ll !

Aug12_Philippines 222
After we were done with our dance performance of sort, the ground finally opened to the rest of the event attendees to dance the night away. It was such a romantic sight to behold; a floor full of pretty cosplayers decked out in their ballroom worthy costumes, swaying slowly to a string of romantic Anime/Game OST. Just looking at the romantic couple arms in arms is enough to make anyone go awwww. And I cannot help but think a few new couples probably formed that night ^_^!

All in all, Fantasy Quest turned out to be an unexpectedly magical experience for me. The beautiful location and the romantic grand dance drew the curtains on such a perfect note for everyone. Like the tagline of the event, it was indeed mesmerising.

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*p/s: If you don’t want your photos in this blog, please msg me and I will take it down >.<


Quakey said…
Hi, Kaika. Glad you enjoyed yourself in the event. Like you, we also found the event magical.

I would've so joined you in making a human barricade for Yuegene...Gangnam Style of course. LOLOL!!
Sese said…
lololol oppa gangnam style human barricade LOL why do I actually see us doing that for realz?
Unknown said…
Kaika! you're so awesome! haha.. this made my night :D

For me, i found out that the cosplayers are so magical than the event itself :D..

I miss you all ♥

Romeo of CNPH Team
KC9TH said…
Beautiful cosplays! I loved Yuegene's costumes <3
Rain said…
Hope to see you again on next year's Fantasy Quest 3! ^_^ <3
Aqua said…
Hi, wish I could have gone but sadly I reside in Canada where we hold other major events, ie. Anime North and Fanexpo, which thus make up for this loss. I hope I can one day meet you in person as you seem to be a truly phenomenal and kind person.

Best of luck

P.S. I am also pleased to announce that I started cosplaying as of April this year and that my first costume was that of Rin Kagamine's default outfit.
mao said…
Wow, sounds like you had lots of fun...and...5 days in the Philippines? I only knew too late since I was busy preparing for CosMania *smacks head*

Could've went there to meet you again~ XDD
katz, kathy said…
KAIKAAAAA tnx for coming, im so so so glad to share this w/ u and everyone else!! i miss ur hugs!! T3T

come again for Cosmania yes? :3 haha!
Aki said…
Hello, Kaika-sama! :D

I'm Aki ^_^ Good to hear you had fun in the event! :) I was sooo happy to meet you and even get your autograph <3 Thanks so much! Hope to see you in other events soon! :D
reiko said…
The event looks so fun!! And this entry was a super fun read! I was smiling very hugely and stupidly at my screen, and I only realized and got embarrassed at the end of the entry x//D.

It makes me happy to know so many cosplayers from SEA were interacting and having fun together! Somehow v heartwarming ;v; Separated by nationality but joint by culture.

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