World Cosplay Summit 2012 (Skit Video & discussion)

A few days after the most anticipated Cosplay Competition worldwide, the World Cosplay Summit 2012's performance video is fast online!

This video shows the skit performance in sequence of their placing.

Video by
Firstly, a big round of applause for all the contestants. All of them are now winners and true heroes to their nation's Cosplayers. I know us Singaporeans were definitely very excited over AyaTenshi's and Raistlin's win at 2nd place.

I'm amazed at the quality of their costumes and how well it looked on stage! While I can tell that is not Raistlin's voice (KY XD?), I still find it amazing to hear non native Japanese speakers try so hard to dub in Japanese. If you think it's easy, go try it yourself !

I also love the little surprises they embedded into their performance such as the LED harp that reacts to being plucked, the sudden appearance of AyaTenshi's weapon, Raistlin's transform-able Mecha, and the flying feathers. It's really the little surprises that blows the audience away =). Their hardwork were evident on stage and I'm so happy they got the credit they deserved!

Thank you to the both of them for placing tiny Singapore on the pedestal and thank you for the hard work! Otsukare!!!

There is a lot of flake going around with regards to the winning of Japan.

I was told, this is the raw score by the judges, as you can see, Japan was only placed fifth. But as audience voting also played a portion in the final score, the 500 voters voted Japan up.

To be honest, I kinda sympathize with Team Japan. I'm sure in their own rights, they have also pumped in a lot of effort for the competition. But sadly, all everyone's gonna remember now is the cry of foul play. And I can't help being reminded of my own win at AFARCC2010 where I'm SURE many people don't agree we deserve. But I say don't hate on the people, hate on the system!

Personally I really really enjoyed Team Japan's performance. I'm not a Hakuouki Fan but there's something hauntingly beautiful and romantic about the series that despite my lack of interest in the story, still find attractive. And I think the 2 cosplayers really embodied that aura into their cosplay and skit.

While the premature falling of the backdrop was a bummer, it didn't deviate my attention too much. The Slow-Mo segment should be left to the comedians but the rest of the swordplay really wowed me. Swordplay is something much like Ballet; it takes years of hard work to master the basics and make everything looks steady and smooth. I've seen many failed swordplay performance (which is really more like 'swinging the sword around') and this have me taking my hat off. I know it's hard to make your entire body movement demonstrates the stealth of a professional because I have tried and fail myself . Henceforth to that, I say good job to Team Japan too.

But that said, I think the organising committee of WCS should probably change the Judging Rubrics. While including Audience votes into the final score makes the competition all the more exciting, it can easily cry foul play. I think a separate " Audience's Favourite" Award would be better. What do you think? Vote and comment below!


cosplay costume said…
How amazing this cosplay party is!!!
Momo~ said…
OMG! The skits are AMAZING! It all has such a realistic feel to it!
Hikari~ said…
No doubt team japan's skit was awesome. but i feel team singapore deserves to be winner. amazing costume and skit!!
generally, amazed at all the participants performance :D
pohcbSonic said…
everyone's awesome in the end. =)
Passerby said…
While many felt that Japan didnt deserve to win, I felt like their performance was played out flawlessly on stage despite the little hiccup.

And unlike others who felt like Sinapore deserved to win Brother's Prize, I feel otherwise about it there are speculations on the costume being tailored.

What can I say, each country probably has their own dirty story not shown to public.
Ru Pyon said…
i think Japan deserve to be a winner. their skit are beautiful. i am not fan of Hakuoki anime too, but i saw Japan's really beautiful, simply amazing me with their swordplay be honest, i want to be cosplayer like that.their opening and ending really fit.and i heard from Zhuge of Indonesia team, that Japan team was practice their performance everyday until WCS.Indonesia team also admitted that they are lose to Japan team because they are great. cosplay isn't about how great is the costume but the similarity of the costume, the "in character" of the cosplayer, and the great act.
Sørine said…
Your thoughts are really positive and nice to read.

I absolutely loved team Singapore, they truly did deserve to be in the top.

I hope that Tv Aichi will seriously reconsider using the japanese audience as judges next year, but since this was the 10th year anniversary of course Tv aichi wanted Japan to win.

It's important to remember that the World Cosplay Summit is not a competition but a TV show.

I truly hope that they will do it differently next year..

Love to read along! :)

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