Macau, here I come!

A few months ago, The Cosplay Chronicles was a finalist for the V-Log Category in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012. TCC received many support from you guys, but the crown eventually went to the super cute Dr Jiajia (deservingly if I might say xD).

A few weeks later, I received a call from OMY asking if I would be able to go Macau in September. Turns out all the winners in front of me couldn't make it for the trip so ... to cut the story short, I'm going Macau this Saturday!!!!


It's really queer how things have turned out and I'm definitely counting my blessings. I can still remember this contest I excitedly took part 2 years ago in bid of a free trip to Macau and sadly didn’t get. Now I suddenly get to go Macau when I least expected to. It almost felt like God decided to give me a delayed present haha. Either way, Amen! 

To make things even more exciting, a Macau friend of mine just told me that a Cosplay/Comic event is happening the weekend I am there! So yes, Macau Comic Festival here I come XD!

I will try to update my Macau trip as much as possible via Twitter and Instagram. So add me on twitter @Kaika_TCC and find me as ‘Elpheal’ on Instagram!


Chai Chen said…
Congratulations! You totally deserve it! :)

You always have nice posts about cosplay. Hope to see you again in the Philippines in other conventions. :)


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