STGCC over!

And yesterday marks the end of the much anticipated Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention. It was such an eventful weekend for me and it must have been the most tiring event for me. Seeing me wake up at 8am and reaching the event area by 10+ everyday.

I had the chance to interview Tristan Eaton, Leinil Yu, Andy Diggle, Itou Noizi, Piko, Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun. So look forward to the many interviews and STGCC related content I will be churning out soon =)

Did you had fun at the event? Leave me a comment and share your experience! 


liy said…
Hi Kaika!!
YES I had so much at STGCC :D Still feeling starstruck and overwhelmed by PIKO *A* Been a fan of him since he was on NND and I never dreamed he would come to Singapore!

Can't wait for all your interviews to be released wktk ^w^
Liy: Hahah I'm working on the interviews ^^! look forward!

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