Interview with Touya Hibiki & Kousaka Yun

As most of you would know , TheCosplayChronicles had the chance to interview Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun when they were in Singapore to attend the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention as special guest early this August. 


Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun are popular Japanese Cosplayer with a huge following.


We had the chance to interview them during the Media Preview Session held on Friday. Though it was a short 20 minutes session, the duo have charmed us with not just their aesthetically appealing cosplays but more than anything, their down to earth and friendly disposition.

*More photos at the end*

Q: Do u make your costumes yourself ?

Touya: We both buy and make it ourselves.

Q: Both of you are very popular as cosplay idol. In your opinion , what does it takes to be a cosplay idol?

Kousaka : HAhaahhaha.....
Touya: It's the first time we're told that!
Kaika:  I wasn’t expecting that reaction haha ! If you don't consider yourself a Cosplay Idol, which we all do. Then in your opinion, what does it takes to be a Cosplay idol ?
Yun: There's no good or bad in Cosplay. Because everyone's just doing what they like.


Q: Which is the one portion of your cosplay that you will focus the most on? Your outfit? your makeup? your wig? the photos?

Touya: Hmmm... we put in a lot of effort to find the right location and how we take the picture.

Q: Now that we’re on the topic of pictures, what do you think about photoshopping Cosplay photos?

Everyone: AHHHHHH *mass reaction*
Touya: Photoshop is ZETTAI DAIJOUBU (definitely necessary)!! haha!! Can't live without it!
Yun: It's the most needed thing!
Yun: Does everyone here photoshop?
Kaika: yes!
Everyone else: ......
Kaika: Yeah everyone... Abit.
Everyone else: HAHAHAHAH
Touya: Abit. Ehehe.
Everyone else: HAHAHAHAH
Kaika: Erm. A lot. LOL
Translator : The difference is a bit, you know haha.


Q: In Japan , how is the cosplay culture different from other countries ?

Touya: Hmm the difference is...
Translator: The heat
Everyone: LOL!
Touya and Yun:  Cosplay is much more acceptable in countries outside of Japan comparatively.
Yun: This morning we walked from the hotel to here
Yun: We can't do this in Japan
Touya: Ah in Japan it's impossible ...
Kaika: I guess people in SEA is more thick skinned. We still get gawks and stares but we're just like "whatever~"
Touya: Ah ii ne (Ah... that's good)
Q: We’ve been asking a lot about what you like, but what is the one thing about cosplay you hate ? 

T & Y: hmmm...……………….. *deep ponders*
Translator: Photoshopping ?
Everyone: hahahhaa
Yun: Oh no! I enjoy photoshopping haha!
Translator: Enjoy?! haha
Yun: Yes tanoshi (enjoy) hahahaha….
Yun: Hmmm for me I think making costumes is very troublesome
Serene: Is the contact lens alright?
Touya: Contact lens is alright!
Yun: Wearing contacts lens is troublesome for me.
Kaika: how about the shoes?
Touya: oh this is fine. Because *points to her boots* it has platform on the front part of it so the slope of the shoe isn't too uncomfortable.
Q: Cosplay have allowed you to travel around the world. How do you feel about that?

Yun: Arigato. (Thankful)
Touya: Ah... I don't really know why I'm chosen but I'm very happy and thankful.

Q: Both of you have many fans, so have you had any interesting or weird experiences?

Yun: *wince at the mention of ‘fans’*

Serene: any stalkers?
Touya: eh...stalkers... ano ne...erm…em…ne. *difficult smile*
Kaika: So what do they usually do when they meet such people?
Touya: Ah Satosu! Dame Da zou!
Reiko: (translates for us) She means “ it's to make them know they're not supposed to do that.”
Kaika: So they are not shy to say " No, I'm not taking pictures" ?
Yun: Hmmm, If it's really not convenient then I'll tell them " Matte Ne ! (Later) "

Photos by: Brian lim

I just want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to Emi and Serene from Project Harata for graciously sharing the audio recording of this interview with me. If you follow me on TCC’s FB Page, you might know of how I lost my own audio recording of the interview . So I was definitely counting my blessings when I know there were other people in the same interview with me and even more thankful when Emi and Seren were gracious enough to share their recording with me T_T. Pop over to their blog if you’re free, they cover Cosplay and pop Culture stuffs too!



Thanks for the interview Kaika ! :D
冬美 ティナ: Glad u liked it xDD
Kaori Sohma said…
awww their words is inspired me >w< thanks for sharing the interview
Jin said…
Thank you so much for this interview! ^^
Jin said…
And may I translate this into VNese and share this on facebook ofTouya VN fanpage? I'll take out with full credit.

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