KERA Model Haruna Luna (Sword Art Online & Fate/Zero) to debut in EOY

Fellow Singaporeans, EOY has announced more guests to attend EOY this year!

EOY Jpop Live 2012,  KERA Model HARUNA LUNA from Sword Art Online & Fate/Zero

11 Dec 2012, Esplanade Concert Hall  
  Haruna Luna burst into the J-pop entertainment scene with her debut single “空は高く風は歌う (Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau)“. Most of you would know its title song as the ending theme song to the second season of Fate/Zero, which was written by famous songwriter Kajiura Yuki, producer of Kalafina. This coming November, she will release her next single “Overfly”, its title song with the same name being the ending theme song to the second season of Sword Art Online, and it’s highly possible that you’ll hear her sing it on 11 December at the Esplanade theatre!   Haruna Luna’s PV for 空は高く風は歌う:
A proud anime otaku, Luna was inspired to become a singer after listening to the anime theme songs of Sailor Moon. She has also revealed that she visits Akihabara frequently, builds models and collects figurines, anime magazines and other related merchandise Check out this feature of when she was preparing for the 4th Anisong Grand Prix, which is also the event that showed her the way into the music industry.
She’s a self-professed Gundam Seed otaku, and she’s not exaggerating. Check out her cosplay and merchandise collection!
Fellow anime lovers will certainly have a fun time chatting with her during the Q & A session.
For more about Luna, check out her official pages online:
As with the other artistes Danceroid and Sayuri Sugawara, Luna will be present at the post-concert autograph session, exclusive to concert attendees who buy her merchandise. This is Luna’s first time meeting her fans in Singapore.


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