Taking care of your Skin AFTER Cosplay

Hi guys~! I hope you enjoyed my last video on “How to prep your skin for Cosplay”. I’m here with a follow up video/entry to talk about how you take care of your skin after Cosplay =)

Learn about how to prepare your skin before cosplay here.

1) Remove all traces of make up

Remove ALL traces of makeup on your face and never go to bed with them! There are many different ways to remove your makeup depending on the makeup remover you use. 

Because cosplay makeup tends to be a lot thicker, I would also repeat the makeup removing motion on my face twice, just to make sure I get everything off.


I use Bifesta’s water based cleansing lotion. It feels almost like water but cleans effectively and gently.

And ladies, please don't pull your fake lashes off!! Not only will it potentially hurt your real lashes and spoil your fake lashes , it can also cause premature sagging. The skin around our eyes are very delicate, doing this often can cause premature sagging. 

Yes, I use cheapskate MadeinChina wet wipes that cost a dollar and might give me skin cancer in the future haha =x

To correctly remove fake lashes, pump some of your makeup remover cream/ oil/ solution on a cotton pad then rest it on the eyelid for a few seconds. That should ease the lash off easily. I’m too lazy to use separate Makeup remover products for my lips and eyes (I’m sure my skin will pay for the decision one day …) so I just squeeze Bifesta onto my wet wipes and rest it on my close eyelids.
If you intend to reuse the fake lashes like me (cheap!) , then make sure you remove the glue and clean it nicely. 

2) Cleanse thoroughly but gently 

After you are done removing your makeup, cleanse your skin as usual. Be gentle with it and don't rub or pull your skin too much as that can cause premature sagging too. 

I use Cetaphil’s Gentle skin cleanser. Yes, gentle cleanser even though I have Acne Prone skin. It’s a common misconception that “Acne = dirty skin” and people wash and wash and wash their skin with very strong/harsh foam cleansers. While the idea that pimple grows out of dirt isn’t wrong, over washing your skin can end up encouraging active sebum production. In short, your skin becomes even more oily because it instinctively generates more oil to compensate the dryness. And then you end up having to use an anti-shine product to combat the oiliness =_=

I also like cleaning my face with porous sponges like this. It really helps speeds up the cleansing process and ensures a much cleaner face. A downside of using apparatus like this for washing is their ability to mould. I’ve had bad experiences with the less porous sponges moulding on me within a  few weeks. So now, I poke a hole through the sponge and hang it on a suction hook in the bathroom. Ventilation = doesn’t mould so fast!

3) Skin care to follow suit

Pat your face semi dry and proceed to apply your usual skincare to it. Don't worry about the moisture on your face , applying your moisturiser when your skin is damp is actually better because the water will get sealed off by the moisturiser.  


4) Exfoliate

You don't necessarily have to do this but it is my belief that frequent exfoliating is crucial to my skin. Accumulation of dead skin is one of the biggest reasons why people get acne and skin care products don't work as well. 

Especially after having a thick layer of foundation on the skin for so long, I believe all the dead skin cells that should have flaked off are still stuck to my face because my foundation has held it back. 
Be careful not to over exfoliate though! I’m currently suffering from what I think is a rash/allergy due to over exfoliating and use of Benzoyl Peroxide so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

5) Face masks 

After a long day of thick makeup, and skin scrubbing ( refers to the intensive cleaning routine above) I like to pamper my skin to a face mask session.

After all the cleaning and taking away of natural oils, it's a good time to replenish any depleted moisture with a face mask. I usually remove my makeup and bath as soon as I get home. Then I go around unpacking my stuffs with a face mask on. 

I hope you found this entry useful ! Remember to leave me a comment, like TCC’s FB page, follow me on Twitter and share your skin care tips with me !


Momo~ said…
"BECAUSE I'M CHEAP" Haha I laughed so hard >w< Well, don't worry, I re-use them too cause those things are super expensive!
thanks for sharing more make-up-related cosplay tips!

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