Iszo Circle Lens Review

As most of you know, circle lens are a vital part of Cosplays. If you don't know about it yet then educate yourself about it!

IMG_2695 edit small

I'm almost always on the lookout for good and affordable lenses because like I say, they are very important to cosplay. But unfortunately, they inevitably expire after a certain period. 

I'm here today to review the contact lens from iszocirclelens. The lens were kindly sponsored by iszocirclelens.The lenses I’m reviewing here are the “i.Fairy Ash Violet” and “i.Fairy Dolly+ Red

i.Fairy Ash Violet i.Fairy Dolly+ Red

Purple and red respectively =).  Can you guess which cosplays I used them on xD?


They came tightly wrapped in bubble foam and tucked snugly inside a cute little carrier.

With every purchase of the circle lens, iszocirclelens also gives a free complimentary lens case (while stock lasts). You can select which type of Lens case you want before you check out. They have 2 option, cute animal case or unisex case. Below are the ones I received from them. 


Purple bunny and Black Keyboard keys xD. Am I too manly to like the Unisex case better than the Kawaii bunny one xD?

Anyway, back to the lens.

i.Fairy Ash Violet


Lens Info

Diameter :
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Centre Thickness : 0.04mm
Water Content : 55%
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable

This is how the lens look like on my palm. Photo taken by Canon G12 under fluorescent bathroom lighting without flash.


Isn’t it pretty *_*? The black zoom-in effect on the edge looks so intricate and gothic!

IMG_3385 edit2

I took a photo of my eyes with and without the lens. See the difference? Granted that my right eye (with the Circle Lens) had a different eye make up but the difference in the iris size is the key.

IMG_3386 edit

I'm sure I'm not the only ones who sometimes feel cheated by the Contact Lens company and their professionally taken product photos. Honestly, with that amount of studio lights shining into the model's eyes, it's no wonder the contact lenses appear so much brighter than when I wear it. So I'm going to share some casual photos of me with the lens to let you see the true effect of it.

No photoshop because I don’t want anything to affect the colour of the lens.

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 263ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 337ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 303

As you can tell, the lens generally looks more black than purple unless really bright light is shining into it. But the Bambi doll eye effect is totally maximised by it’s 16.2 mm diameter.

In case you have no clue what the 16.2mm means, it meant the diameter of the lens. The usual/traditional lens diameter is 14mm which gives a more natural effect. But for Cosplays, we generally like getting a bigger diameter because it gives an illusion of bigger eyes instantly and makes us that much close to our 2D friends.


i.Fairy Dolly+ Red


Lens Info

Diameter : 16.2mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Centre Thickness : 0.04mm
Water Content : 55%
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable

This is how the lens look like on my palm. Photo taken by Canon G12 under fluorescent bathroom lighting without flash.


Unlike my previous red contact lens, i.Fairy’s Dolly+Red really lives up to it’s name by giving you a solid red pigment along with a Doll like effect. The doll like effect is created by it’s 16.2mm wide diameter and the black rim around it.

IMG_2682 edit2

Okay, I know this picture isn’t “Doll like” at all =_=. Guess I should have dropped the stare =_=|||. Above photo taken by Canon G12 without flash but in a very brightly lit toilet. Photoshopped my eye makeup and brows slightly but nothing done to the circle lens.

IMG_2692IMG_2661 (2)IMG_2699

Except for the first photo that was taken inside a very brightly lit toilet, the rest of the photos are taken with natural light. As you can tell, the colours are very bright even without flash. The designs on the edge of the rims really adds an extra dimension to it. 


Overall, I’m very impressed by the lens. They are comfortable, soft and have really beautiful designs. While it is never recommended to wear coloured contact lenses for long hours, I would say i didn't experience any discomfort from wearing them longer than 6 hours. 

Iszocirclelens offers free shipping internationally and you don’t even need a minimum order D:


My favourite aspect about their products is their enormous range and the fact that most, if not all of their lenses comes with degree/prescription. Perfect for blind bats like me! In fact, this is my first pair of red contacts that actually has degree / prescription. Awesome xD! 

Check out their wide range of really beautiful lens at their website now. And if you use the Coupon code * “KAIKA10” before you check out, you’ll even get 10% discount on orders up to $20!

* - valid till 31st Dec 2012.
  - does not apply to discounted lenses / value pack item / promotion item, or the order will be denied.

Have fun and hope you’ll like the lenses too!

Photo by Brian Lim


Indeed, some shops have a lot of those photos where the color of the lenses appear brighter than they are though when worn, they look darker. :)

Nice review post. Often, I stick with GEO but it's nice to know that the market has changed in the recent years and more cosplay lenses are available. :)

Hope to see you in future events when I can cosplay again. Only met you last Cosmania 2011. :)

body painting said…
The red hair is looking superb.
chai: The lense were really pretty! And the 16mm is O_O
chichicho said…
I like the violet one!
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