Movable Cat ears; Necomimi !

Personally I've never been one to have a fetish for car ears and friends would know I like dogs more. Well, except Nyanko sensei xD


But like most of you, my eyes lit up when I saw Necomimi.

Necomimi is a product of Neurosky.  It utilises brain wave sensor technology to allow the wearer to express themselves with the neko ears, hands free! Just feel and the ears will react to your emotion xD

“Have you ever wanted to confidently express yourself without talking? Now you can show the world what’s really on your mind without saying a word!

Be the center of attention everywhere you go! People can’t help but watch in fascination as your Necomimi ears move in real-time according to your state of mind.

Do you want to know if your friends are paying attention to you? Let them wear your Necomimi and see for yourself! “
Pretty cool isn't it xD ? 
As far as I know, official sale of this product online is only available in Japan, Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States (Please correct me if I’m wrong!). So for South East Asia fans of Japanese pop culture, here's some good news!  We now have an authorised online dealer to bring this geek product to us !


Nekojin is a Singapore based company that focus on providing high tech niche gadgets related to Cosplay and for the general consumers. Nekojin is an authorised dealer of Neurosky/Necomimi and will continue to provide the future series of Neurowear products such as the "Shippo Tail"! 


Each Necomimi by itself is priced at $115 (+ 7% GST).
To celebrate their opening, Nekojin is launching a promotion for the sale of the ears!
Neco_Black2_copy_large + Neco_Brown_copy_large +image
=   image

Instead of the usual price of $185 (+Shipping charges if outside Singapore) , Nekojin is selling the above bundle at $150 ! That means you save $35 =)

Click here to view all the price.

The price above are only for Singapore based customer. If you’re from Malaysia/ Brunei/ Hong Kong/ Philippines/ Thailand/ Indonesia/ Taiwan then pop over to their S.E.A Pre-Order page.
Easy to Use, Cutting-Edge Technology
• Be one of the first to communicate with brainwaves!
• Research-Grade Technology trusted by over 400 universities.
• Totally safe! Only two light-touch sensors on your forehead and ear.

  • 4 AAA batteries (included by Nekojin)
  • For Ages 14+
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Conceived in Tokyo Japan
  • Designed in Silicon Valle
If you order before the pre-order batch runs out, you can even receive it by 26th November 2012! Hurry though, the last I heard there’s only 20 sets left >.<

This pair of awesome gadget will thrill any Japanese Pop Culture fan and proud Geek! So if you have a Cosplayer/ Anime Fan/ Geek friend around you, you know what Christmas present to get them xD!

Personally I’d like a black one so I can use with my Zakuro cosplay XD Christmas gift anyone =3?

 Pop over to Nekojin to read more details!


fumiko said…
Hi, I think the stall owners at the AFA that were selling Necomimi mentioned that they would be selling them at Funan DigitalLife Mall too ^^
Angela Teoh said…
Necomimi is now available in Malaysia selling only at RM350. Can get it at

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