Interview with Akatsuki Tsukasa @ JCos Party

Ranked the top most popular Cosplayer on, Akatsuki Tsukasa is the reigning Diva in this hobby. Hailing from Taiwan, Akatsuki Tsukasa is a veteran in the Cosplay Community and has a cosplayed a vast genre of characters, both female and males.


Akatsuki Tsukasa was invited to attend the JCos Party that was held in Malaysia on the 24th November as a special guest of honour. With the help of Anthony from Still Costography, TheCosplayChronicles is happy to bring this interview with Akatsuki to you guys!

Here’s a little introduction for you guys, JCos.Club is a non-profit club that was formed by a group of fun loving Cosplayers in the June of 2010. Most of the members are based in Johor Bahru. To learn more about JCos, pop over to their official website!.


Q: The last I checked , you were ranked first on Worldcosplay.Com. Share your thoughts about being officially ranked the most popular cosplayer. ?

I myself was surprised to be voted first in because I personally think that I still have a lot to learn and improve on. And much thanks to my friends who helped me along the way.

Q: So do you enjoy cosplaying with your friends? What do you think brought you to the top position?

Yes, I definitely enjoy making costume and cosplaying with my friends. A lot of discussion goes on between me and my photographer friends. For example, we put in a lot of effort to ensure the right locations are used and something even after searching for 6 months, we still don’t find it. And if really can’t find that then might just go to studio and discuss with photographer on what to achieve and how to achieve by references.

Q: Unlike many high profile cosplayers who usually sticks to one form of cosplay. You actually cosplay a multitude of character. And you don't just cosplay girls, you cosplay guys too. And of course you excel in portrayal of both. Do you think that is your winning strategy?

As long as the character is who I like I would try cosplaying and I’m not bothered by the gender nor the character of the character. And if I really have a character that I love but I’m really not suitable for it I would still try cosplaying but wouldn’t post photos or do a photoshoot of that. I usually would also seek help from friends to do a trial photoshoot to see if any improvements can be made before going to actually location for photoshoot. In particular to wig make up and even expression that suit the character.

Photo by Anthony

Q: Do you make your costume's yourself? Can you share one of your most memorable costume making experience?

Yes I made all my own costume. For me usually the more difficult ones would be armor costumes because the armor size has to be proportional to body proportion and having the need to mold the shape of armor and bake the clay. Another difficult to make would be ball gown kind of costume because it requires more space and I do not have enough space to accommodate the costume and even some times the gown would pull things like my laptop or mouse to the floor so usually everything would be kept properly before I start on gown costume.

Talking about experience, I would usually make costume till dawn and there is this once I am too sleepy and unknowingly I doze off causing my finger to get caught by the sewing machine and the needle broke and got stuck on my fingers. To make it worse, the sewing machine needle are bigger so it cannot be extract by myself so I spent my new day in the hospital. Seeing the needle there is a big shock and I woke my whole family up.

Photo by Anthony

Q: You've gotten quite a bit of exposure due to cosplay. You get invited as guests and all. How has your perspective towards cosplay changed when u visit and see the cosplays of different countries?

Hong Kong cosplays usually uses shiny cloth material, where else for Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan are more similar and the materials use to make costume depends on individual preferences. Indonesia usually have more armor kind of cosplay costumes.

Q: Was starting cosplay difficult for you? Did your family object to it?

Initially my family did expressed doubts on this hobby. They didn’t understand the need to spend so much money and effort on making a costume that can’t be worn on a daily basis. But they have little objections. Because I watch Anime, my parents are also in a way, forced to watch anime with me haha. They have slow learnt to accept and sometimes my mum would tell my dad what is going to happen next. My dad would event print out bigger size photos of my cosplay and put them in the living room to display and when I go on shows, he would actually record down the television program then he would bring the video around the relatives to tell them “See my daughter!”. And now costume making is also my job so they are actually quite supportive of this hobby.

Q: Any advice or message for new cosplayers?

Health is very important so to enjoy cosplay please stay healthy and be careful. Take extra care when walking in abandoned and dilapidated places . Also remember to bring things like insect repellent , medication oil or plasters in case u need them.

Photo by Anthony


This marks the end of the interview. Much thanks to JCos for arranging the interview and Anthony Tan for the interview ! Remember to check both of them out ^^!


my! i'm also from taiwan and i admire her a lot! thanks for the interview~

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