The Not-So-Real Escape Game

Hi guys! I’m here to tell you an exciting puzzle game is happening next weekend! I’m sure we’ve all played this flash game where you wake up trapped in a room/building/place and you have to scout around the place to search for keys or hints to escape from there. Here’s a live version of it Open-mouthed smile well, minus all the moving around though xD

Venue : Mountbatten Community Club (35 Jalan Satu, Singapore 399479, near Dakota MRT station)

Game Timings:  15th Dec: 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm (three sessions)
Each game session runs for about 90 minutes, including 60 minutes of game play and time for debriefing.

Ticket Pricing:
At the door: S$5 (Light refreshments will be provided)


Singapore, November 25, 2012 – Black Cat Channel (BCC) is proud to present the 1st edition of Singapore’s very first anime and Japanese pop-culture inspired escape game concept – “The Not-So-Real Escape Game Vol. 1: Escape from the Doomed Ship”.

The Not-So-Real Escape Game: Introduction and Concept
Inspired by the hit interactive live game events created by Japanese company SCRAP Co. Ltd., The Not-So-Real Escape Game marries the best elements of the original – puzzles that require players to work together to solve them within a limited amount of time – with a compelling anime oriented slant that’s targeted at the pop-culture loving crowd.
Escape From The Doom Ship

In the 1st edition of Not-So-Real Escape Game, the venue is reimagined as the interior of a luxurious cruise ship that has been rigged with explosives that will eventually detonate, sending it to the bottom of the ocean.
As the clock starts ticking down, the players must work together, use their deductive skills and logic to gather clues and solve the puzzles, finding a way to prevent the destruction of the vessel and to escape before it is too late!

About Black Cat Channel:
Black Cat Channel is an initiative by passionate anime, comics and games (ACG) lovers and the People's Association.
Based in Chengsan CC, BCC brings fun-filled ACG activities, such as Anime Karaoke and Video gaming sessions (on a big screen!) to fans across Singapore.

For further information, please email

If you guys are interested to know more about Black Cat Channel the group , pop over to their official FB group =)


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