How to Cosplay: Make a one piece dress

Edit: Some of you might have realise this video was down for a day. I found out earlier there was a fatal error in one of the teaching point ( drafting of the waist length). While I could correct the mistake with annotations, I understand some people close their annotations off and I didn't want to risk anyone screwing up their costumes ... so I made the amendments and re-uploaded the video =\.

This is the reason why it always takes me so long to complete a tutorial video. If I slip one step, this is what happens.

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Probably one of the most usable dressmaking pattern for female cosplays. A basic one piece dress that can be modified into a variety of costumes.

With this pattern, I’ve done my default Makoto Kikuchi (Idol Master) costume, Homura Akemi (PMMM) , Eclair (Kiddy Grade), Simca (Air Gear)  and even Mogami Kyoko’s (SKIP BEAT) Love Me overalls.


P/s: I have an entry for making Homura Akemi’s costume here.


It was SO DIFFICULT to edit this video. I actually filmed it in May 2012 but was so busy with life that I couldn’t finish it before 2012. One of the biggest reason for the delay was most notably, the dying of my computers. First my PC, then my netbook, then my PC again –_-. Not to mention this tutorial was so complicated and Windows Movie Makers kept dying on me , it took me an afternoon to record the voice over=_=.

Anyway, I’ll end my complains and wish all of you good luck with your next cosplays! Remember to leave me a comment, subscribe to my Youtube and like TheCosplayChronicles on Facebook. You don’t know how much each comments & likes means to me.


nikki said…
I didn't realize that what I was doing (sewing the edges over before sewing the pieces together so the edges would not run) was actually more time consuming. this was really helpful, thank you for this tutorial :3
Nikki: Hey babe! Thanks for the comment~!

Actually even I myself forgot that, I should have left hemming the bottom till the very last (after the zip). That would have been the most optimal time to do the hem , all corners of the hem would then be the same xD
Ryuuzaki-chan said…
How many times have I told you that I love you??? Well it doesn't matter, I LOVE YOU!!! xD hahaha just what I needed, thank you so much!!! *3*
mobychan said…
Hey there^^
I'd really like to watch your video, but I get a message from youtube that it is private, even if I'm logged in or go to youtube itself to watch it.

Laurie said…
Finally! I am big fan of your tutorials :D So in love with this...unfortunately the video is set to private :<
Hi guys~ There was a mistake in the old video so I took it down. I uploaded a new one already so pls like & fav & comment again ^^;;;;;;;;;
Anonymous said…
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Samui Yuki said…
Hey kaika~
This video was really great~!
Just wanted to know if it was possible for you to do like a short video on how to draw the pattern, or maybe like just a video of drawing the pattern.
Cause my number one problem isn't the making part but mostly the making of the pattern~
uh... can i get the pattern? ^^
Anonymous said…
So useful! You explain things really well and you are really an awesome cosplayer!

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