Macau Comic Festival 2012

So I had the awesome chance to visit Macau for the first time last September because of The Macau Government Tourist Office and OMY.SG. Read about my lovely lovely experience at Macau here !

As luck would have it, the biggest local Comic event of the year was also held the weekend I was there!


Event: Macau Comic Festival
Date: 8th – 9th September 2012
Location: 澳門綜藝館一館 (Forum de Macau)

Since we were hosted at the lovely Grand Lapa Hotel, the convention was literally a stone away. A local friend had given me walking directions  but I absent minded-ly left it in the hotel. Thank goodness for the pre-paid sim card provided by the lovely The Macau Government Tourist Office, couple with GPS and I was happily on my way!


The building the event was held! This same building is also home tot he Macau Grand Prix Museum and Wine Museum.


The banner on the entrance of the building! Boy was I happy to see it (and know I’m not lost!)


The event is paid entrance, according to the ticket, it cost 30MOP.


First guest performer I saw on stage were the DANCEROIDS from Japan! They did a string of dance covers on stage and initially I didn’t know who they were so I was like “hmmm these 3 girls are like REALLY good at dancing….who are they?”  then I checked the pamphlets and realised who they are xD


Yes, I was quite blown away by these girls. And you would notice from the videos/photos that i got a very good front row seat xD I don’t know why nobody sat at the front few rows , maybe they were reserved for the VIPs but there were no signboards nor guards to shoo me off so I snuggly rested my butt onto the first row Open-mouthed smile 


When they finally got off the stage, they were swamped by their fans.

There were also a line of performance by different performers. This is the VOCALOID dance performance by the awesome Bright & Rinka!

Alright, time for some event booth photos!



Uta Prince and Kuroko no Basuke dominated most of the booths xD


Most if not all of the booths at the event were set up by Doujinshi artists/ fans. There was nearly no commercial booths except the ones by the Japanese Guests.


Itou Kanako signing autographs ^_^



I bought my VOCALOID Doujin Art book at this stall! They were also giving away a very pretty VOCALOID paper bag along with each Art book purchase. Guess how much the book cost me? Only 80 MOP! That’s like 11 USD!! Well worth my money for the quality of the artwork, printing and the miscellaneous goodies such as the paper bag and postcards!


There was a also a small corner dedicated to showcasing art works. Apparently it’s some sort of Artwork challenge.


And some booth that seems to be publicising a Anime Singing contest of some sort.


There were also a corner set aside to display figurines. They were mostly Gundams and Mecha stuffs though…. I was surprised there weren’t more Dolfie and Anime girls figurines xD


Okay I feel like a noob now. So the above picture just informed me that the Figurine Displays only had Gundams and Mechas because it was part of a “Sci-Fi” themed modelling competition. *palms* Sometimes I go to places, takes a tonne of pictures and leave the place without remembering much about it =_=;;;


Macau Comic Festival’s very own mascot and merchandise! How cool is that?! And it’s not just some poorly designed stickers or cards, it’s a full coloured figurine!

That’s not all, have you ever seen an event with their very own theme song ?

And as if having your own theme song isn’t kakoii enough, MCF8 even had their own short Anime! LOL !! Do check it out, it’s a pretty hilarious short story about the event itself and the different people involved. The voice acting is really well done *_*


Graffiti corner!


And here is special guest Itou Kanako on stage! Itou Kanako is a Japanese singer who have sung many songs for Anime & Games. Her most notable song would probably be the OP from Steins;Gates.

Sorry, Only one photo because photography is not allowed =x


This guy is hilarious! I forgot his name but apparently he is a PR mascot sort of person for Nitroplus and he always appears in crudely comical cosplays of Nitroplus’s characters Dug through Facebook photos to find out his name! This guy is JOY MAX, the spokesperson for Nitroplus! He always cosplays with an Afro wig and he is neither man nor woman xD !

He was really friendly and at the end of the event he was just casually mingling with the event attendees. P1020910

He went around forcing asking people to unzip his ‘boobs’ to reveal a heap of Nitroplus tissue packets haha! I got myself a packet of it too >///< !

【ジャケット画像】『ギルティクラウン ロストクリスマス』

This was the picture on the tissue pack xD

On to some Cosplay photographs!!!

Overall, MCF is a really nice , cosy and artistic event. The scale of the event is pretty small but it is an awesome place for people who enjoys buying Doujin merchandise.


The quality of the printouts were really good and the price were really affordable! I found myself buying SO MUCH stuffs!


The quality of the Artwork and the merchandise were really good, and most important of all, they are so affordable!

Check out my stash from the event. SO much and they only cost me SGD25! Ok, granted many of the pretty post cards & namecards were actually free gifts you'd have to agree that the Madoka Plstic folder & VOCALOID artbook was a steal!

So the next time you travel to Macau, make sure to keep a look out for the Macau Comic Festival! Since the event is small you can do with just 3 hours in it ^^.


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Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing the photos, videos and you opinion. The 'danceroid' was awesome!
Have a nice 2013. Greetings from
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