Guilty Gear X, Millia Rage Photoshoot


Millia Rage: Kaika / Elpheal
Photos by: Brian Lim
Helpers: Sara
Wig: Assist Wigs

I actually did this cosplay near 10 years ago, can’t believe how fast time has slipped by! I chanced upon this costume while I was rummaging through my old costume bag ( I keep them compressed in one of those compressor bags) looking for something else. And I remember feeling so surprised at how well this costume has kept it’s shape and quality!

The shoe and wig has long pass their expiry date but since I have an awesome wig from Assist Wig and this costume could do with some nice photographs, I decided to re-cos it!

Assist Wigs are really nice and smooth BTW =)


Based this picture off an official artwork of Millia. Had to climb up a small structure to get to where I’m sitting while Brian had to climb even higher to get the shot LOL. And there was no wind, only my agile right hand xD

I know this costume tends to look a little well, short. And it’s shortness is further enhanced by Millia's generally sexy and unabashed poses. But rest assure when I tell you this is an absolutely modesty-safe costume! The costume had been painstakingly designed and sewed to work like a suit instead of an open ended dress. So no matter how far I stretch and jump, it won’t go up and show what it isn’t meant to show.

Millia_Rage 001Millia_Rage 003Millia_Rage 005

This is how my dress looks like when it is not worn.

In the first picture you see the extra flap of black fabric and elastic band that works like a…well,  pair of pants. The middle picture shows how the costume looks like when it is worn, the black fabric that was in the previous photo has been pushed and folded up to be hidden away from sight. And no, I didn’t open the sides of the dress like Millia did, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that. So I simply sewed the black bias only on one side to mimic the open sides of a dress.

izkO5CJ kaikaedit

I know some of you might feel that all the effort above to save my modesty is futilely erased by the sheer skimpiness of the dress. And I’m sure the masculine gender will not hesitate to remind me that to them, seeing a pair of underwear and seeing a pair of safety pants has NO DIFFERENCE at all.

But you know what? It DOES have a difference to females. So please do me a favour and don’t go around saying this is a skimpy and underwear revealing costume because it ISN’T. Not like anyone has done that yet but I’m just paranoid =_=

Any of you ladies understand where I’m coming from? Leave me a comment and share your opinions with me!


This posture looks so effortless and natural but it was not! Brian the photographer had to climb 3 meters above me to get this perspective and I had to bend my waist a lot more than I like just to make this posture looks ‘normal’. Ah…the things we do for cosplay =_=;;;


I’m super in love with how the shoe covers turned out! Would you have noticed that it was originally a pair of black heels? Alright if you look at the WIP photo below you’d notice from the indentations that this white ankle boots was just socks over heels but since Millia has these blue cover thingy on top of her shoes, they covered the flaws perfectly xD



This was probably one of my most relaxed and shortest photo-shoot for a long while. As it had been way too long since I last played the game and was too caught up with life to absorb myself into the game. I straight out informed Brian that even though I have the desire to re-cos this costume, I wasn’t sure if I would have the capacity to lead the photoshoot as much as I usually do. In short, I have NO IDEA what I wanted to do for this photoshoot! Thankfully, Brian-the-awesome photographer had his own set of ideals and he was game to run with it. So it was a very relaxed shoot where I only needed to follow instructions and pose Open-mouthed smile

I also had a lot of fun just hanging out with Sara who so kindly offered to help out that day despite such short notice! All the hair levitating would not have been possible if not for her agile hands xD

I’m generally happy with how my makeup turned out though I’m a little sad that 1) I still looks like Kaika 2) I don’t look like a westerner 3) I don’t look like how I envisioned Millia. But ah well, I tried my best U-U

I’m falling asleep on my keyboard so I shall end this entry here. Remember to leave me a comment and check out other awesome photography works by Brian at his Facebook Page!


amazing photos, as always. I agree about having a pair of shorts or similar for modesty: I always had some for when I wore my Babydoll cosplay,
Really admire your cosplays Kaika! Keep on inspiring us! :)

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You did an amazing job cosplaying Millia <3

And yes costume may look skimpy buy that's Millia's costume and Millia has long legs. Yuu gave us a tip, that if you want long legs and dont have them, wear really short skirts and super high heels lol. Worked lke magic during our LOVE WARD shoot 8Db

and yes, safety pants. It's your protection for wearing short short skirts XD
Kai Kuchiki said…
Cool, I wish I have that cool sewing skills! T__T

and Yes, wearing a safety underpants feels more secure than having only one's undies to be seen.. I usually wear one when I wear very short skirts or pants that have very thin* texture. >.<

awesome angles needs awesome Photographers! XD
Unknown said…
Your Millia looks amazing! Kinda makes me nostalgic for some Guilty Gear now. :P

It’s awesome that you still have the costume at tiptop condition despite the years. Also, I sympathize with the plight of a photographer. I sometimes do shoots with friends and it’s hard and sometimes frustrating to get a good angle for a shot to look awesome without having to process it after.

Mila Wineinger

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