Neneko & Momo visits Marina @ Singapore!

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Had the chance to hang out and document popular Taiwanese cosplayers; Neneko & Momo's tourism journey in Singapore. Neneko & Momo was guests at the Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Café event that happened yesterday (20th April 2013)!

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Neneko and Momo are blood sisters and both of them were very cute and obliging. Neneko was the elder sister who was not abashed to show her love for Momo.

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She likes teasing Momo and when we were at Marina Bay Sands playing with the outdoor fountain that allows your voice to travel to the other side of the fountain, she asked Momo for the colour of her underwear xD Their relationship is almost like in the Animes.


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And of course they visited the Merlion =)

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Through out the 2+ hour journey around Marina Bay area, the siblings definitely garnered a lot of stares and photo requests from random passerbys and store assistants. Which is a testimony to their kawaii-ness xD

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Here, Neneko is being filmed by at the Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Cafe’s debut location. Love her clothes!!

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We also managed to make them do the Gwiyomi for us xD! Even though they have never done the Gwiyomi before, they were nice enough to oblige to my request! And I think they did an awesome job for a first timer  =)

Keep abreast of Neneko and Momo’s cosplay at their respective facebook page! Also keep a look out for Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Cafe’s next event here!


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