I’m a finalist for OMY Blog Awards again!

Unbelievable. The Cosplay Chronicles managed to squeeze her way into OMY.sg’s Blog Award again! This is the 2nd year I participated and also my 2nd time as a finalist! It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys ;___;


Last year I rambled on about how much this meant to me and begged you guys to vote for me because online votes constitutes 30% of the results. I went on to give a heartfelt talk about all the sacrifices made for this blog, youtube channel and my personal struggle. I also gave example on the crude fact of life when you compare a Cosplay blogger to a lifestyle blogger because alas, life was not created fair.

This year, the same late nights still occurs and I’m still the loser I was last year. LOL! But I have since decided that I’m going to enjoy my life a little bit more (when I get the time to >.< ).

Online votes STILL constitutes 30% of the results this year and I am still obliged to ask you guys to vote for me every other day. But this year, I think I would be a lot less sad if I didn't win.

Maybe it’s because I already managed to visit Macau last year or because I’m clueless on what video to create for the challenge topic (Every finalist needs to create a video based on the topic given by OMY.sg ) or I’m just too f8*king swarmed with life to care. Either way, I’m enjoying this peace I feel.

That said, I would still like to run you guys through on the voting process.


If you think TCC deserves a mention, or think it’s cool to have a representative of our favourite hobby in a mainstream national contest then please vote for TCC here.


I am sorry, but you guys HAVE to register for a new account =\ And apparently, you don’t need a Singapore NRIC (our national Identity number) to register, even using your own national ID can work too. It’s a lot of trouble I know….and I would understand if you don’t want to vote…

TCC is a finalist for the V-Log category so that’s where you will find me.

Fullscreen capture 3052013 22748 AM.bmp

Just click on the Yellow “VOTE” hotspot and tadar! you have voted!


As you guys know, TCC did not win last year. But because Dr Jiajia and the runner up couldn’t make it for the Macau trip, I ended up going. I was understandably nervous to make that trip alone with a bunch of strangers who were all winners in their own rights (literally) while I’m the only one who lost! But everyone of them were so accepting of me and while it took us a while to warm up, I’m proud to say we still keep in contact via Wadsapp! How cool is that!

Read about my AWESOME Macau trip here~

And since everyone of us is in different category, I’m going to pimp their blogs here too! So check them out ^_^ /

  • Best Family Blog ( 最佳家庭部落格)
    Sakura Haruka / Ai Sakura – Ai is a beautiful mother and wife and in her blog she talks about food and parenting ^^
    Joey Ong – The youngest of the lot and a very hardworking blogger. Joey shares fashion tips & more on her blog!
  • Category: Panasonic Best Photography Blog ( PANASONIC 最佳摄影部落格)
    The Long and Winding Road / Jerome Lim – My Macau treasure hunt partner & awesome photographer!
  • Category: What the hell blog ( 最不可思议部落格)
    Willy’s Audio Blog – Wily does very professional sounding mandarin podcast about paranormal activities. Love his voice a lot =)
    Spin or Bin Music – Leo maintains a blog that talks about all things music =)


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