Momo Photo/Video DVD Giveaway RESULT!

I’m here to announce the winner for Taiwanese Cosplayer Momo’s Video/Photo DVD Rom. It really is a very nice piece of work =)

Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Cafe:
Cosmo Youth Parade:

And the winner is …….

Fullscreen capture 552013 51101 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 552013 51210 PM.bmp

What do you know?! Our very own videographer from that event! There were 3 deleted comments so I took them out from the total comment count.

Congratulations to Anthony Tan for winning the Momo’s Photo/video DVD! Please email me at elpheal@gmail[dot]com and let me know your mailing address and recipient name by 12th May 2013 \ ^_^ /. If the winner doesn’t respond before that, I will select another winner Open-mouthed smile No, now I no longer email the winner because I’m tired of being the one doing all the work.

And don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t win, I have a lot of other giveaways coming soon!


Rae said…
seeing how you know quite a few taiwanese cosplayers, it's my goal, as a taiwanese myself, to meet you in person!!

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