Simple DIY Body form

And so I found this online and thought I’d share this ingenious idea with you guys since Cosplayers are the only people I know who would find this useful/ interesting!

Photo found at : The Idea King

I like how the DIY started with a layer of t-shirt underneath. That layer of T-shirt will effectively prevent the duct tape’s adhesive from sticking onto you. But of course, since you will eventually have to cut through that T-shirt to get out of it, it’s recommended you use one that is cheap.

 *Edit: Melvin on Facebook gave an even better suggestion! Instead of T-shirts, we can use even cheaper black thrash bags! Those big ones you get for parties. You just need to cut armholes & Neck hole and that’s it! *

I wonder what’s that piece of grey rectangular fabric for? Have any of you tried this before? Comment and let me know!


I've tried this, and it worked really well. I haven't got a proper pole stand for it; instead, I'm using a stool. It's great for fitting tops and shirts.
Lov.e Chloe said…
Awesome post! Going to try this out when I have time :D
SparklingMinx said…
Make sure you wear a cheap bra as well, just in case the person cutting goes a bit mad with the scissors, me and my sister made one but she didn't have a proper stand so put it on a closed artist's easel =)

And I think tha grey fabric is the t-shirt but they used a different one for the tutorial. =3
Nice this is a great idea to get a form fitting model ( ´∀`)
KittyGotClawz said…
I know this is an old post, but, I had to ask. Are they using a cheap microphone stand??
KittyGotClawz: I'm not sure myself, I was curious about it too and couldn't figure out what that was. But your suggestion of microphone stand seems close
Anonymous said…
The grey piece of fabric is for the neck :)

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