How does the world look to you?

( I was going to post this on my personal blog but as I typed, it  seemed to fit TheCosplayChronicles more and more. I hope nobody gets put off by this somewhat thought provoking question.)

I’m not asking you for a scientific explanation or breakdown on the physics of Earth as a planet. Nor am I asking about the geographic or architectural landscape .

I’m asking what do you see of the world or the place you live in. What is your perspective?

Someone told me today that he/she doesn’t want to give birth after marriage because he/she doesn’t want to harm the little life by bringing them into this cruel world. Said person was probably just joking but this sentence stayed in my mind.

I’m not a homophobic but I always thought only a certain type of people would have such a depressing view of the world due to the restrictions they face. Yes, to me it is depressing. (I am not here to start any war/flames or teach you what to do. I’m not here to contest any opinions, just sharing mine.)

I was not born into a well off family and like most people, I have my fair share of tough times, disappointments and heartaches. I admit there were periods in my life where I hated everything including myself,  I used to be a worry freak and I am still just a Loser. But I never really though the world was bad. There were problems with me and my life but… the world was still, you know, just the world. My problem wasn’t it’s problem.

Now that I’ve grown up, my world has gotten more complicated and has a never ending list of mountains to cross and vermin to smack (LOL) but I’m not the least hateful towards this world; I love it and the living things on it . Humanity has shown me numerous times it’s selfishness and cruelty but I think it is also capable of greatness and kindness beyond belief. I have nothing much in life but heck, I’m happy and I love the world I’m in! I can’t wait to do something to improve it!

By my standards, I think I’m more successful in life compared to someone who earns 5 times more than me but hates where he/she is. To me, not being able to accept and work with what you cannot change is losing by default because that makes you unhappy. It makes you lose your hope and zest for life and that kind of life is a life untouched , uninspired and uninteresting. I don’t want such a life.

Then I suddenly started to wonder, is this how the non-Otaku/Anime fans look at the world? Bleak, cruel and hateful?

I’m saying this because I once read an online report stating the result of a survey on a few hundred Japanese woman. And it seemed like those who were into Animanga/Games had a more optimistic and hopeful view of the world. Maybe the fictitious world provided us with an escape to recharge our spirit.

Photo credit: Reika

I guess this theory ties in with the theory that a healthy body needs a healthy mind. And the mind can only be healthy when it is fed spiritually, when it has something to look forward to. And we all know Anime fans currently look forward to the next episode of Shingeki no Kyojin. I look forward to the next chapter of SKIP BEAT. Ahhh ~ such indeed is the life of an Otaku *nods sagely*

LOL Ok I’m just kidding don’t hate me xD

27Nov10_Skip Beat Solo

For cosplayers, I think our innate desire to create something is fulfilled when we put our heart and soul into creating something we love and can be proud of. Be grateful if you understand what I mean because that is a simple exhilaration not everyone is blessed to experience. Same thing goes to having the heart and desire to create a beautiful photograph, an artwork, achieving a toned body so on and so forth.

And thus Millia Rage’s reputation never came back…

So the next time someone ask you why do you watch shows for kids, tell them it makes you a happier person than them LOL

Questions: What is your view on the world and life?

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Kai Kuchiki said…
Just like what Mikasa (if I'm not mistaken) says, "this is a cruel and beautiful world"

I view the world as a nice place to live in. Full of possibilties and inspiring stuff... As a healthcare provider, I am able to see different hardships of people in almost all walks of life. From the richest to the poorest. Everyone is equal. Both can get sick, injured, recover or die. Their own perspectives in life defines them and their recovery speed.

Life is a pleasant and cruel thing. It makes you suffer so that one can appreciate the simple and beautiful things more. ^_^
Ziwen said…
Anime/Manga does help us to become more livelier than usual.

SKIP BEAT. Wonder how many chapters I've missed.
Sese Ramirez said…
I believe the world is both beautiful and cruel at the same time. Just like how life is.

IMHO it's up to you how to make your world GOOD for your future generation. How you perceive it.

This world of ours has so many to offer us. It's just how we grab to it and see it :)
Anonymous said…
I feel that the world is beautiful and filled with varieties, possibilities

the only problem I am facing is my inability to get through barriers and discover the world and many of the things in it

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