STGCC 2013: Cosplay Runway registration

Before we know it, 2013 is coming to the 2nd half! And what that means is the avalanche of major Cosplay and Animanga events happening. The Singapore Toys Games and Comic Convention is back to entertain again this year. The Cosplay Runway is back and they are open for registration now.

CLICK HERE to download the registration form.  

Below are some details about the Cosplay Runway that you might want to know.

COSPLAY RUNWAY @ STGCC is not a competition. It is solely for like-minded individuals to come together to showcase their passion and talent. Cosplay participants are allowed to cosplay any characters from the following intellectual properties and formation of a team is restricted to the same intellectual property:
  • Anime
  • Cartoon
  • Comics
  • Manga
  • Movies
  • Novels
  • PC & Console Games=
  • TV Series 
  • Any ambiguous genres will be subjected to the committee’s review

Please submit the following together with this Registration:- Picture/s of your runway costume- Picture/s of you dressed in your runway costume- Picture/s of the character you will be cosplaying 
By registering for COSPLAY RUNWAY @ STGCC, you are expected to have read and agreed to the FAQs and Terms & Conditions stated below.

Q: Do I have to pay to register?
A: No.
Q: Is there a free STGCC ticket for the finalist?
A: One complimentary 1 Day (Sunday) STGCC ticket will be given to the finalists of the COSPLAY RUNWAY @ STGCC.
Q: Can I join as a team/group?
A: We definitely encourage team participation. However, registration forms should be submitted individually. Please note that your team name should be consistent.
Q: Are foreigners eligible for registration?
A: We welcome applications from Singapore PR and foreigners working and/or studying in Singapore. For interested parties who are not residing in Singapore, please contact us at
Q: Am I too young to register?
A: Our minimum age requirement is 14 years old. Applicants under 18 are assumed to have obtained parental consent.
Q: Will there be any costume criteria?
A: Costumes can be either previously worn or new and they can be either handmade or purchased. However we do encourage every applicant to join the runway with a new costume.

Q: My costume is not ready yet, what should I do?
A: You can first submit your application with a previously worn costume. In the event that your costume preparation is done within the submission deadline, you may submit your photos by 11 August 2013. If you are unable to finish your costume and submit your photo by 11 August 2013, you will be requested to join the runway with the costume that you have submitted initially.

Q: How do I get selected to be on the runway?
A: Selection will be based on the accuracy and quality of your overall presentation as follows:
1) Costume
2) Props
3) Hair and Make-up
4) Group concept*
* Not applicable to individual/single Cosplayers
Finalists will be informed via e-mail by Friday, 16 August 2013. 

At the runwayQ: What do I need to focus on for the runway?
A: Just like how you would portray yourself on a fashion runway. Focus on what you want the audience to notice/enjoy and the crux of whom your cosplaying character is. Most importantly, have fun, it is not a competition. 
Please send us the download link to your pictures. All submissions are to be sent to and submission closes on Sunday, 11 August 2013, 9pm (Singapore time). Any submissions and changes made after 11 August 2013 will not be accepted.


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