Cosfest 2013 Cosplay Videos!

Its 2 weeks after Cosfest and most of the Videographers who took footage from the event are done uploading their videos. Here’s a compilation of the awesome work I’ve chanced upon. Feel free to share other interesting cosfest related videos here in the comments ^^

In case it is not obvious enough, none of the videos below is by mine. Check out my Cosfest coverage here and here.

Photographers of Cosfest XII - Dancing like Gentlemen by Rescend

COSFEST XII 2013 COSPLAY VIDEO 1 [HD] by StudioOmoshiroi

COSFEST XII 2013 COSPLAY VIDEO 2 [HD] by StudioOmoshiroi·

COSFEST XII 2013 COSPLAY VIDEO 3 [HD] by StudioOmoshiroi·

Cosfest 2013 Day 1 by RavenCloudNine


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