Cosfest 2013, day 2 (Photo pimps)

Come and go last weekend was Cosfest! The inaugural Cosplay event of the year and one of the last standing pioneer xD

Cosfest 040

The maid cafe inside the dome. I believe this is the first year Cosfest has introduced Maid Cafes. Any reviews? The cafe looked pretty cute from the outside xD

Cosfest 042

The graffiti wall.

Cosfest 048

The Heart & Soul Song challenge also looked really interesting. The performers on stage looked like they were really enjoying themselves! And I really like the idea of having a big choir team competing against another equally good one. These guys have proved that with more heads, you can do more.

This is only one team, the other team is hidden behind them xD Each team did a good job of belting out songs after songs of classics and crowd pleaser. They really helped closed the event by lifting the spirit of the crowd so high. I have snippets of their performance in the video at the end. I hope the organisers bring this concept back again with better sound system and more polished performance.

And guess what, I met Hard Gay on the first day xD This guy was so into it! I initially asked only for a photo but his friends around him suggested he does a video instead and he agreed without as much as skipping a beat xD

I reached the event around late afternoon because I had something else on so pardon me if my photographs were not as much as they usually are. Again, super thank you to all the cosplayers that posed for me! I hope you like the photographs =)

Also a big thanks to everyone who managed to recognise me, said hi to me and gave me your coscards! I’m forever surprised by people recognising me out of cosplays…. maybe next time I’ll go to an event without makeup. Bet nobody can recognise me 8D ….probably not even my friends =( *sulks in a corner*

And it is ironic that I always end up having near zero amount of cosplay photographs of my own personal friends =_= I think it’s because my cosplay friends are all too popular/high profile/epic and every year I have to join the walls of photographer just to snap a pic of them =_=;;

There was a full X/1999 team at the event but I only managed to get photos of 2 cosplayers from the team. And for Cvy’s case, she’s not even posing for me. I squeezed my point-and-shoot in between a few DSLR handling photographers to get the shot xD  Nevertheless, I’m still happy I got to meet up with some of my friends, said hi and shot them xD Hopefully next year my schedules don’t clash with Cosfest again and I can finally join an event as a normal cosplayer. I’m actually starting to miss cosplaying at events.

Here is my obligatory event video collage from day 2. They are just lousily filmed , shaky home videos but I hope you feel the core of the event when you watch it. I’m not sure whether is it Fujita Maiko’s song (Treasure) or am I just getting emotional. But the video and song is making me feel all sort of emotion for Cosplay and the event.

2013-07-06 Cosfest

It’s hard to believe that the event that started small have managed to grow to this scale (Kudos to the organisers!) and that ‘Cosplay’ and ‘Animanga’ has been my companion for so long. Sometimes I wonder when will I be leaving all these behind. I know I will eventually have to but I guess I can take heart that it was a good journey =)


Sese Ramirez said…
It was lovely hanging out with you again Kaika dear :3 miss you so much now
*Hugs sese* It was lovely to hang out with u too <3!!!

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