COSMO Youth Parade 2013

Last weekend, we saw the nation's effort and enthusiasm towards promoting positive Youth interest and culture to the public and  inspiring Youths to reach for their dreams. It came in the tangible form of an event called COSMO Youth Parade that happened at SCAPE.

In case you weren’t aware, Youth Parade is a youth-initiated parade event supported by the National Youth Council and MCCY.

You might remember that they invited Neneko from Taiwan last year and for the debut opening of Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Cafe this year.

Photo 29-6-13 4 20 02 PM

This year, they continued their impactful strike from the previous and invited not 1 but 5 international cosplayers to be the COSMO Parade Ambassador! They are Saffron and Yui from Hong Kong, King, Mon and Misa from Taiwan.


Singapore was dealing with a bit of a haze hazard last week and the iconic Cosplay Parade almost had to be cancelled but thankfully, God brought big wind and rains onto the island and the PSI index were finally safe enough for outdoor activities.


Much thanks to the organisers for pulling through because I know a lot of cosplayers would have be mighty disappointed!


Most of the main activities were restricted to Indoors only henceforth, the stage along with the booths were all hosted within level one of SCAPE itself. It was honestly a little too cramped and stuffy to have so many people within such a small area. But I guess that also helped made the event more hyper LOL


This is a picture of the venue at the end of the day, of course, when the event was in, no floors could be seen 8D


Highlight of the event was of course, the meet and greet session with the Cosplayers. As soon as the guests hit the stage the fans went crazy xD

Photo 29-6-13 3 45 37 PM


Karin the host with a lucky fan on stage! Dude gets to take an exclusive photo with the King and Mon.


King and Mon at the Pika Pika Maid Cafe.

Hopefully next year they can allocate a space for the Maid Cafe instead of just having a takeaway booth. Because the appeal of a Maid Cafe is actually the whole atmosphere of the dining environment. That includes where you sit, what you eat , how the room is decorated and of course the maids that serves you. It’s a really interesting sub-culture (Maid Cafe I mean) but it also requires strict guidelines and understanding of the consumer to work =)


Not saying the PIka Pika Maid Cafe and it’s maids were bad though D:! Don’t get me wrong! I just think it can be even better =)

Beside the main stage event, was a theatre room set aside for Vanguard competition. Please correct me if I was wrong >.< It was a pretty grand sight to behold as there were like 60 over players sitting down on their tables battling with their cards. I failed Mathematics in school so my counting is highly unreliable but I think you can visualise it =X

I would have loved to show you guys what I meant and how invigorating that room full of Card Players would seem to a Vanguard Player but alas, Anthony my dear photographer did not have a snapshot of that =_=;


I guess he was too busy with this *points above*


Oh no, maybe it’s this.


Ah…. it must be this. Cute Misa from Taiwan ;D Should we forgive him? leave a comment and tell me xD

And finally it was time to start the parade rolling!


Mr Lawrence Wong (Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth) graced the event and kick-started the iconic parade of the event.


With the red ribbons cut , it was time to roll the drums and let the loooooooooonggg dragon dance lead the way!

_DSC6983 _DSC6974

And henceforth, the Cosplay Parade started!!!

The route of the Parade started from *SCAPE Atrium to 313@somerset and then back to *SCAPE!


All in all, it was a nicely done event and I look forward to a bigger and more exciting event next year! Stay tuned for more interesting content coming up soon! We managed to get interviews with the 5 international guest and also filmed their travel trip in Singapore!


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and your cosplay x-x?
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Wow so cool!
Saffron and Yui are so cool!

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