Saffron, Yui, King, Mon & Misa touring Singapore

I wish I could make the title shorter but alas…. I could not xD

As you might have known from reading my previous blog post, the Cosmo Youth Parade this year have invited 5 Cosplay Ambassadors from Hong Kong and Taiwan. They are Yui and Saffron from Hong Kong, King, Mon and Misa from Taiwan.

And since the organisers of the Cosmo Youth Parade were such wonderful hosts, they also brought the guests out on a fun tour around Singapore. The Cosplay Chronicles had the chance to tag along with the guests while they were busy experiencing Singapore and we did not forget you guys for we filmed a video of their trip to share!


Their day started at Toast Box where they were treated to a traditional Singaporean Breakfast. I’m not sure if this is unique to Singapore but do you guys eat half boiled eggs with soya sauce and pepper like the photo below?

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The next item on the itinerary was supposed to be a tour of our iconic Merlion and the Bumper Boats but luck was not on their side and it started to rain. So the organisers shifted them to Bugis Village instead. No girls can resists shopping right?

_DSC6722_DSC6716Photo 28-6-13 1 01 16 PMPhoto 28-6-13 1 23 32 PM

And oh, they went about in the MRT because apparently, they wanted to try out Singapore's public transport xD

Photo 28-6-13 11 26 24 AM

Here is proof xD


More proof xDD


LOL! The faces just gets weirder and weirder xD These people really know how to have fun! Yes, here they are waiting for the bus to come. Even though they only have a very limited amount of time in Singapore, the guests very admirably volunteered to experience the public transport system for themselves.

In case any of you jump to any wrong conclusion, as far as I know the guests were the one who wanted to take the public transport (according to Mon’s facebook) themselves. And the organisers did their best to accommodate their requests.

Due to the rain and the rush, the initial plan of duck tours and Museums had to be cancelled but it doesn’t seem like the guests minded =)


Especially since there is Bak Kut Teh for lunch 8D

And you know the food must have been very good when there is almost no photographs of the food.

Photo 28-6-13 2 22 05 PM

This is King playing with her spoons xDD


It seemed like these 5 cosplayers were a very humble and friendly bunch to hang out with, how I wish I could have hung out with them too but alas, I haz no time ;_;


All the photos and videos used here are taken by Anthony from Still Costography. From what I heard from him and from what I see in the pictures, the guests definitely had a very wonderful time in Singapore.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photographs and video! Remember to support COSMO Youth Parade so they can continue to bring your favourite Cosplayers (or maybe even Voice Actors!) to Singapore next year!


COSMO Youth Parade:


Liy said…
Yes I was looking forward to seeing you on Friday bc I saw "The Cosplay Chronicles" in the media list but it seems like you couldn't make it in the end D: work is such a bummer sometimes.
The cosplayers did end up going to see the Merlion though, on Saturday after the event. YUI and Saffron really wanted to see the Merlion so we brought them there.
LoveChloe said…
omg! King, Mon, Saffron, Misa and Yui are all my favourite cosers!! You guys are so lucky~!!

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