Skip Beat, Dangerous Mission Photoshoot

I didn't really like this arc until the recent chapters. Up until then I had felt that this arc was too gloomy, too weird and too draggy. Ren was just being so emo and emo and emo @0@ But then it is Kyoko and so fandom always pull a little harder and thus the deal was sealed xD

Setsuka Heels (Mogami Kyoko): Kaika
Cain Heels (Tsuruga Ren): Zephyus
Photo by: Brian Lim

I actually don’t have a lot to say about this photoshoot except that it was tiring and difficult to organise. I’m just glad we got some nice photos in the end =) We shot this in a hotel room and the premise around the hotel. I’m glad that the busy nightlife of the area has given the outdoor shots a nice touch xD

Special thanks to Brian for helping us with this shoot despite his busy schedule.


Also much thanks to Zephyus for cosplaying Ren/Cain heel with me xD Intimate shots are always embarrassing =_=;;;

BuxBNuE kaikaedit

There wasn’t a lot of poser-ish pictures of the siblings for reference so we pretty much just try to make things up along the way. With Zephyus and Brian laughing a lot at me D< *angries*

I’ll leave zephyus to post her own solo pictures in her gallery so erm sorry, I’ll just be spamming my Setsu below.

“I don’t care if it’s hell that I’m living, I just need my brother to be with me”

The biggest reason why I decided to cosplay Setsu was really to expand my genre/horizon. So many years into the hobby and I find myself cosplaying the same types of character… decided it was time for me to challenge myself more. And Setsu seemed like the right choice *_*

To me, Setsu is weird. She is a weird punk that has an almost incestual relationship with her brother. That alone makes me think that half of her is already in hell, and she probably enjoys it. Which makes for a dangerous, interesting and seductive allure. Which is what I set out to achieve.

I told Brian that I wanted a closeup that almost looks like I’m on drugs (Which I of course am NOT!) , maybe a little unsteady, dangerous and fallen at the same time. I also kept forcing Brian to make sure my accessories were visible xD

I don’t think I achieved everything I set out to but I tried… and this is my favourite closeup ever *_* And yes I’m thankful Photoshop exist in this world!


This is a costume that I will never wear to an event until I start working out LOL. Okay, I know some people might think I’m phishing for compliments and tell me they hate people like me who they assume is very thin and instantly labels them as people who have no right to complain about their size.

setsu fb

Even though I can sort of understand where they were coming from, It was still  quite hurtful to read their comments. To make it clear, I have NEVER said I am fat, I only said the costume makes me FEEL fat because it exposes so much of my less than desirable areas. Every girl have the right to have her insecurities =_= I had to suck in so much and for the entire week before the shoot, I had to either skip dinner or eat light. I also skipped food the entire day of the shoot.

I guess I’m just a teeny weeny upset that sometimes, people just assumes things about other people they don’t know and pushes their own expectation on them. It feels like “Oh I’m sure she’s just a b*tch that was born and wakes up looking like her perfectly photoshopped and made up photos and thus must have no challenges in life nor an ounce of extra fat on her to lose. Her life must be perfect and I hatttttteeee that”

I know I’m reading too much into this but hey, just because your feelings were hurt (due to your own interpretation of matters )  doesn't mean you have the right to hurt mine. It almost feels like they think that hurting me were a correct thing to do =_= ;;; 

I’m not angry with them on a personal basis, I just want to speak up from my POV. I’m tired of people assuming things about me and you’ll be sorely disappointed to know I am no doormat.

Assuming just makes an “ass'” out of you and me. And yes, I will avoid posting any weight comments in the future.


“Nee-san looks hot in that outfit”

This angle make me look thinner than I actually am xD


I’m sorry the post ended in such a harsh tone. Don’t worry, I’m not scarred/upset, its all just part of a learning journey for me. I just feel the need to share my perspective of the matter and since I have a blog, its only right I put up my honest voice, no 8D?


Many people have suggested me to get guest writers to write this blog to lesser my load. But IDK, other than the fact that managing people is difficult, whether they will write in line with TCC’s vision is also an issue. Ok I don’t know what the heck I’m writing nao.

There are more photos to come and I’ll write a seperate entry on the costume/wig soon. Remember to leave me a comment to share with me your opinion on the “Fat” issue. If you want to post something nasty, go ahead, I respect difference in opinions. But please have the guts to post with your name/blog url. Don’t be an anonymous coward ;D

This post is originally posted on TheCosplaychronicles. If you see it anywhere else, it’s been stolen. All images belongs to TheCosplaychronicles unless otherwise stated and should not be used or reproduced anywhere else unless authorised.


So sexyyyy~~~ *hugs your tiny waist* hurhurhur
Nizi said…
you look soooo good/hot/punk!

and its definitely nice to see you so versatile in your cosplay choices and definitely pulled it off :)
Lov.e Chloe said…
Wow!!! Nice cosplay!!! You loook amazing!!
Ongaku said…
I thinking making that comment was fair and justified ( mean about you feeling fat in it).

People get touchy when it comes to anything that have to do with weight and I find it silly.

I once had someone yell at me because I was drinking a slimfast, but what they didn't know was that I was drinking it for the nutrition not because I thought I needed to lose weight and even though I'm not over weight I still feel insecure about certain parts of my body so I see where you are coming from.

I guess no matter what, being skinny or fat, you just can't win. DX

You look great, btw. I felt the same way about this arc until the siblings happened. You make a wonderful Setsu! xD
Yuuko said…
Amazing cosplay! (as always >\\\\<) You are so talented! ( ´ ▽ ` )♡
I believe those negative comments about you saying you feel fat are unfair. If you say "I feel fat" it's something that you think, not that you are affirming; just as personal opinion, and you have the right of feeling as you want... (For me you look perfect >\\\\<)
麗び said…
I understand that too!
Sometimes I say I have to go on diet which actually means to tone my body and to burn away my belly fats.
Then they will misunderstood and get hurt about it saying I'm so skinny...
And I also did the same thing by sucking in my stomach for my shoots.
This people always see things one sided but not both sided.
It's not like I'm trying to hurt them.....
It's just that I want to make myself more prettier. Can't I? Even though I look skinny, it was just the way I dressed to make my body look nice.
And my belly fat is really very hard to burn away unless I skip meals which is very bad for the body.
アンバー said…
I don't think you need to do any diets of any sort, but I do see what you mean when you say 'I feel fat in this outfit/costume.'. I think maybe just tone up your tummy... everybody could use tummy toning, even me... although I could use all-over toning due to having to take care of family and I only have time to grab what I can... which usually isn't healthy. Boo~

Maybe you could make a tutorial on how to style Setsu's wig. I get the feeling Skip Beat is getting more and more popular, and many people fall in love with Setsu, want to cosplay her and have problems styling the wig. (I have seen some bad bad ones, none to make me cringe...yet) It might be helpful to future Setsu cosplayers. :)

I have a Setsu wig, but no camera, or I would probably make a tutorial. I really should get a camera though.... *mumbles*
Rachel said…
I think you look amazing in this! And about the comment, I can see where they are coming from(I am not a skiny person) but that doesn't mean they should take it out on you. While you do look fabulous, everyone gets insecure from time to time!
Anonymous said…
I was hoping to cosplay as Setsuka with my friend but I'm struggling on finding pieces of the outfit because i cant sew. I was wondering where you found most of the pieces of clothing, even though is already an outfit set for her cosplay i just dont feel thats Setsuka. If that makes sense. Any tips or advice would be gladly accepted. And i just intensely love your made Setsuka and you look absolutely amazing, insecurities or not, either way you're gorgeous.

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