Guilty Gear X, Millia Rage Photoshoot (Part 2)


Millia Rage: Kaika / Elpheal
Photos by: Brian Lim
Helpers: Sara
Wig: Assist Wigs

This set of photographs were shot early this March xD. See the first set of photographs by clicking here. 

I really really really liked how my face and makeup looked in the photo above o_o! I am born with naturally high cheekbones that in-turn causes my cheeks to look sunken. And while there are some nice people who would tell me how much they liked my cheekbones, I must admit they used to be my most hated facial feature. In a way, I still don’t like them and would much rather trade them for a small pixie face but I guess I’ve gotten used to them.

Next in line would be my tiny deep set eyes. And both these two features cause my face to look AWFUL when the light or angle isn’t hitting it in the right spots –__- . Which is why I usually prefer flash photography for close-ups because the light fills in my sunken cheeks and over casted eyes so well xD

Super thanks to Brian for his awesome photography skills in achieving such beautiful pictures! Not just because I am the subject but because technically, I know this photo is not easy to achieve either.





I had to climb pretty high to get this shot!

The skies have been slightly enhanced but everything else is pretty much real! Much thanks to Brian for his awesome photography skills yet again!


It was a very simple shoot but still, I’m super thankful to sera for being willing to help out! My arm plates/armour kept dropping! In the end, we just used clear scotch tape to bind them together.


This might come across as incredibly random, but would you believe it if I told you, the only reason I uploaded these photographs tonight is because I had a bad day? I was feeling so upset and frustrated with many things today and I really just wanted to run away from reality. For us urban dwellers, our own escapism is our imagination and the internet.

This thought suddenly, made me realise how thankful I am I found Cosplay! If not for Cosplays, my already very boring life would be even more pathetically uneventful and unconnected. Cosplay has provided me an avenue for me to find distractions away from the temporary melancholies of life. Do you agree with me? Has Cosplay changed your life? Leave me a comment and share with me your thoughts on this , please!


I wanted to say a lot more but my eyelids are shutting by themselves. I hope you enjoyed the photographs, remember to leave me a comment and/or share this post if you think it’s good^_^


This post is originally posted on TheCosplaychronicles. If you see it anywhere else, it’s been stolen. All images belongs to TheCosplaychronicles unless otherwise stated and should not be used or reproduced anywhere else unless authorised.


Anonymous said…
You are very pretty! :) I hope whatever is giving you a bad day will be resolved soon!
LoveChloe said…
So pretty!!! :0!! Your cosplays are awesome!!
Hikari~ said…
first, these shots are superb *O* kudos to the photographer and you of course ^^
second, i couldnt agree more that cosplay is our form of escapism. i wouldn't want to imagine MY life without cosplay either D: there is just so much we can learn from cosplay, be it makeup skills, photography, costume & prop making, socializing and the list goes on.

i just wish more people supported cosplay, or at least have the understanding that cosplayers are still humans too ><

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