International Cosplay Day Singapore 2013 (Photo Pimps)

The International Cosplay Day Singapore, pretty much the only for-fans-by-fans event left in Singapore, happened yesterday at the SCAPE Warehouse. With a myriad of international guests, activities, booths and a very affordable admission price, ICDS had definitely proved itself to be an event worth attending.

ICDS 153

The venue this year was located at the SCAPE Warehouse and before entering the warehouse, were some Doujin/ fan merchandise/handmade booths open to everyone!

ICDS 006ICDS 001ICDS 005

I bought a pixel minion XD

ICDS 002

Mikasa Ackerman dolfie xD

ICDS 004

And the Nescafe booth! When it was finally my turn I told the girl that I wanted something light (no, I didnt bother checking out the menu on the wall prior xD) and she literally gave me a “Huh O_o?” face LOL. Anyway I choose Hazelnut and it was good. Unfortunately for me, I suspect that cup was also what gave me insomnia last night =(

ICDS 018

Anyway, pretty much the first thing I was introduced to inside the event hall (the warehouse itself) was this bunch of people gathering around something. Yes, it is the queue for signing with Alodia Gosiengfiao. I reached the event near the end of the signing which is how I managed to catch these shots xD

ICDS 020

Alodia posing with a fan.

ICDS 053

Starcraft booth.

ICDS 055

The attentive crowd being entertained by the Cosplay Chess performance.

ICDS 027

I hope someone had the whole segment filmed nicely then puts it up online with subtitles. I couldn’t get a good space so most of the footage I had were shaky and blur –_-. I’ll probably try to do up a video montage soon but we’ll see how.


Anyway back to the Cosplay Chess. The months of effort put into the script and choreography definitely shows because it turned out pretty darn awesome and funny! My only nit-pick would be the un-conducive environment, it was definitely not very friendly to the short event attendees –_-;;

But the crowd (who managed to watch the show) definitely enjoyed the fun. The nice thing about attending events despite the crowd and admission tickets is always the sense of communal partake. Everyone’s watching the same thing on stage in the same room and laughing or booing at the same line. It brings back a primitive human touch to this almost surreal hobby and interest (watching anime) and makes me feel like I’m back in school again xD


The emcees on stage were also very good at hyping up the crowd. Especially with the fangirl favourite ‘Loki’ cosplay, the guy/gal could just command everyone to said his name on stage and everyone would chorus along unanimously. Fun times that makes you feel so much closer to what being a Geek or an otaku is all about. All those fluffy feelings of attachment to those fictitious characters xD

ICDS 041

The highlight of the International Cosplay Day Singapore has always been the Cosplay Chess. And this year, they upped the game by having an exclusive Cosplay Photoshoot with all the Cosplay Chess Cosplayers. Check out the list of characters that took part this year.


ICDS 042


Cosplayer Yuanie and Clive also graced the event as Guest of Honour. This is the interview session they had on stage. I had to miss this part of the show so, much thanks to Brian for allowing me to leech his photos xD SuperclearDSLRtothemax!


In this interview session, Clive and Yuanie shared with everyone how they make their props. I couldn’t be there to hear it but from the much I know about these two veteran’s works, I know they have a lot of experience to dish out! Were any of you there ? Please comment and share with me abut the panel, what did you learn xD?


ICDS 025

Reknown Filipino Photographer Jay Tablante, also exhibited many of his Cosplay photography at the event. This is the 2nd time Jay Tablante has graced the event and exhibited his works.

ICDS 026

I wish I could do his exhibition justice with my camera but alas, it is just a Prosumer Canon G12 X_X; To see Jay’s works in full glory, check out his site below!


I had the chance to meet Jay last ICDS, and this year  I managed to have dinner with him along with the whole bunch. Jay turned out to be this really nice and genuinely funny geek. I was half expecting him to be really uptight and all but no, he was actually very nice. funny-mouth-smiley-face-TCZop7

Of course, It helps that he gave me a signed photobook along with a bunch of prints Eheheh…

ICDS 170

Camwhored with him and dude doesn’t even need me to tell him to make a face xD He takes cue from my funny expression LOL

ICDS 171

Okay. Now a proper picture.

Of course, the event wouldn’t have been complete without the Cosplayers. Much thanks to everyone who posed for my camera ^_^/ All of you were so awesome!

ICDS 088



ICDS 091ICDS 092

Special call out to the PGSM team for turning the entire team to face this tiny girl with a prosumer camera instead of entertaining just the wall of DSLR handling photographers xD It was a very funny experience hahaa.

ICDS 165

ICDS 161ICDS 169

The 3 winners/group from the Cosplay Competition with the Guests-of-Honour!

ICDS 178_copy

After the Cosplay Chess & Award ceremony, I finally had the chance to bump into the guests again. It was fun chatting with Yuanie, Alodia, Jay and Clive. A lot of funny things happened and maybe I’ll share it next time.

ICDS continued with the aniDance Party and the ConQuest lucky draw until 10pm. I had to rush off to fight demons from the South shortly after taking this picture so I missed the rest of the fun.

All in all, it was a very fun weekend for me and I’m sure may of the ICDS attendees would feel so too. I hope the event will continue to grow and morph into a bigger and stronger event every year. Pop over to The Neo Tokyo Project or ICDS’s facebook page and tell them how awesome they did!


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