What is your Cosplay Pet Peeve?

I may be a cosplayer but I also have my share of cosplay pet peeves. I don't do this often, not on my private fb and not even in RL. But I have to admit, i find it slightly annoying when someone goes on & on asking "What is cosplay? Can I eat it?".

Yes it's a meme but its also my pet peeve LOL. What's yours? ‪#‎cosplaypetpeeve‬

Look at what other people have already said on TCC’s Facebook page!

*Disclaimer: In case this comes across as an elitist statement /hate encouraging or anything awful like this, let me just say … it is not. I’m just starting this discussion for fun, to get an idea of what pisses people off and what rocks their boat. There is no right nor wrong.


Jess said…
Fortunately (so far at least) I've never met anyone that went beyond asking what cosplay is, if they didn't already know.

I probably would be slightly irritated too if someone went on to add something silly like "Can I eat it?"
Hanqin Li said…
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Hanqin Li said…
i like your post.agree with you!
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