Interview with Aza (Miyuko) from South Korea

One of the esteemed cosplay guests at the recently concluded Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention was Aza , formerly known as Miyuko from South Korea.  Aza was also one of the founding and ex-member of Spcats.


TCC had the chance to interview Aza when she was cosplaying as Kuroneko from Oreimo on the first day of the event. Much thanks to Brian for the picture.

Aza looked awesome in real life and looked exactly like her pictures. She had a very packed schedule during STGCC so we were thankful the STGCC staff allowed the media to interact with her at the end of the interview. I managed to give her my coscard, asked if she liked the souvenirs we gave her talk stuffs. The language barrier we had was humongous and there were so many people waiting in line after me so the interaction was brief. But she was very cute XD

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview video~ The video is shot and edited by Anthony from Still Costography !


LoveChloe said…
Wow is Aza! She is soo cute!!!
Hikari~ said…
thanks for the lovely interview! however i couldn't hear some parts clearly, especially from person asking the questions. perhaps you can consider adding subtitles for the interviewer ^_^

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