Some updates: Makeup tutorials

Been near 2 weeks since my last paper and I'm really taking the time to relax. TCC is currently officially on hiatus but I'm still churning content for it because I'm a workaholic -_-; I think I should just like , stock up my blog entries or videos for TCC and then slowly release them. 

Anyway I finally took the time to film
2 makeup tutorials !! I had so much fun playing with makeup but its always such a hassle to set up the equipments. My home is really not filming conducive -.- Especially the light! i cant seem to create nice illumination inside the room and must film in the living room -.- 

maybe I should invest in a smaller but more powerful table lamp lol. I'm also contemplating tearing the skeleton of an umbrella apart so I can use it like a monopod. I have a tripod but I'm forever too lazy to set it up , not to mention the 3 legs always gets in the way lol. 

Did this look on Saturday. It's a generic big eyed anime girls makeup. I use the same makeup for almost every anime girls I cosplay, even Shana. 

Hehe sorry but after Shiemi I'm too lazy to drag my Shana costume out and wear it -,-;

Then I did this Galadriel inspired elf makeup on Sunday ! I hope I can get this video out before Halloween because I showed how I did the ears with just cosmetic tapes. Haven't reviewed the videos I filmed yet though lol. Lets hope everything is nice and clear :x

Screwed up my eyeliner when I stuck my fake lashes on. Should have drawn over the lashbone with liner but I forgot ><. And ahhh~~ MeituXiuXiu is such a wonderful app for beautifying photographs !

I initially intended for this blog entry to be on my personal beauty blog but reckon since I was talking about TCC stuffs, might as well talk about it here. 

I have a lot of stuffs to give away so I will be holding giveaways soon. Leave me a comment to tell me what you think about my makeup skills xD and let me know what content you want to see! 

Also, my previous blog entry asked if any of you would like to contribute to this blog. If you are interested, feel free to email me at elpheal(a) or message me at TCC's Facebook page. I still don't know how to do this contribution thing but I guess I'm open to ideas ^^


Maou said…
you're so pretty as Galadriel * A * shines bright like her (Y)
of all ur cosplays i especially liked ur Setsuka Heels's make up. do u mind doing a tutorial on that ^^
LoveChloe said…
So pretty! I really like your cosplays :D

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