STGCC 2013 (Cosplay Pimps)

Wheee~ and because everyone at Events loves Cosplays , everyone except the security guards, Toilet cleaners, serious Toy Collectors, casual Con-goers, traditional aunties I am here with a blog entry dedicated to Cosplay photos!

Taken during the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention that happened at the Marina Bay Sands last weekend. Lovely photos taken entirely by the awesome Still Costography !

My favourite has got to be the Fairy God Mother cosplay! Who says you can’t do an accurate cosplay if you’re not a perfect looking scrawny teenager???! Take That!


Anonymous said…
The Free! boys got some real guts. (Literally, and metaphorically)
I love the fairy godmother too! Shows that cosplay is for all ages.

Nice to see Singapore's cosplay community.
LoveChloe said…
omg denka looks soo amazing as makoto!!! All the other cosplays are amazing too!! :D
Hanqin Li said…
i like your post.agree with you!
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Raie Jimenez said…
wow, these guys and gals all look like pro cosplayers. Amazing.

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