STGCC 2013 report!

The highly anticipated Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention happened last weekend at the Marina Bay Sands. Spanning a total of 3 full Halls, STGCC has definitely galvanised Singapore’s Pop culture sphere!



This year, the event invited a total of 24 guests to grace the event. For the full list of the awesome talents invited, check out STGCC’s website.

Amongst them were also celebrity Cosplayers Vampy from America and Aza from Korea.


The crowd queuing to meet them were so long!


TCC managed to grab an interview slot with both of these lovely ladies, let’s cross our fingers and hope it comes out soon!_DSC2009

But of course, the biggest highlight of the event has got to be the showcase of Ironman Suits used in the 3 Ironman movies! And we're not talking about just a suit or two but ALL of them!


Brought to us by the awesome Hot Toys and Action City, the hall exhibits exact life-size replicas from the Iron Man 3 blockbuster! It showcases the full collection of authentic movie armors – the Mark I through the Mark VII, with the Mark XLII as the centerpiece.



Hall of Armour aptly named! Isn’t it freaking cool ?!

Special thanks to Still Costography for helping TCC take these awesome pictures! I will be using a mix of his photographs and mine, so if in doubt, the uglier pictures belong to me. Or you can just look out for the watermark xD


Fans were also treated to a holographic display of the suit. Brought to the fans by Hot Toys and Action City, the Holographic display features Hot Toys’ 1/6th scale Mark VII and Tony Stark collectible figures. It was definitely fun to watch the 3D holographic animations stack onto the figurine.


Life size Captain America display! Looked so real *_*


The event this year were very focused on Marvel series, specifically the Ironman franchise. It is likely due to the overwhelming popularity of the Avengers Movie last year and the launch of the 3rd Ironman instalment early this 2013. 



There were at least 3 Ironman statues scattered around the event area on top of the Hall of Armour.


One particular one even had Ironman seated invitingly with an arm on the top of a couch. Apparently it was a photo-opportunity set up and fans just needed to queue and take their turns.


Here, batman is sitting beside Ironman xDDD




The Marvel booth had an entire wall dedicated to the upcoming Thor movie XD


Agent Coulsen!!!!


Guess what this wall of cube displays hold!


Ironman 3 Drones figurine!


And there’s more! I did say there was a lot of Ironman didn't I XD?


Avengers assemble! The avengers taking time out for …what’s that snack again?




Of course the event couldn’t be without the panels and stage performances! Here is renown writer and editor for Marvel Comics C.B Cebulski talking about his experiences.


Illustrator and designer Redjuice also did a 90 minutes live drawing session on stage! Redjuice is the illustrator for the hit Anime “Guilty Crown”.


Link to original photo on Redjuice’s official facebook here.


And as the custom of STGCC, the day faded away with the beat of the DJ Night! The featured DJs this year were kz(livetune) and Yuyoyuppe hail from Japan and are well known VOCALOID and TOUHOU remixers!

This blog entry is SO photo extensive! Hope you guys enjoyed them!


Having so much on my schedule that weekend coupled with physical fatigue-ness made it very hard for me to fully enjoy the event. Also, is it just me or has the event turnout increased? I found it a lot harder to walk around without bumping into someone this year. My friends who purchased the VIP tickets were also lamenting about how the fast pass queue were handling this year. It seems like the popularity of the guests were larger than expected and the crowd control/ management at the ‘Walk of Fame’ could do with some improving.

But despite that, I still managed to have fun and I hope I would be able to enjoy the event to the max next year! Also, much thanks to all of you who said Hi! It was awesome talking to you guys, next time I’ll try to remember to bring coscards >////< ;;;;

How was STGCC for you? Leave me a comment and share with me! Cosplayers photographs will come in another blog entry !


They were eating SHAWARMA! haha! I wish I could've gone to STGCC this year... :( Although, I had fun reading your post! :D :bd

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