Interview with Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao

Filipino Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao, arguably one of the most prolific cosplayer in South East Asia was a guest at the International Cosplay Day Singapore held early this August. She trilled fans at the event with a meet-and-greet session and showcased her Piano skills on stage.


The Cosplay Chronicles had the great honour of having this exclusive interview with her a day before the event where I got to ask her a few grilling questions heheh *paparazzi grins*

Alodia had just gotten off the plane not too long ago but arrived at the interview cafe looking very fresh and adorable in a white lace dress and simple makeup.

As you guys can tell, very minor video editing were done for this interview because I really liked how this entire interview flowed and it turned out exactly like how I personally like doing with my interviews; I make them into a conversation.

I wanted to keep things as real as they were to let you guys see the Alodia Gosiengfiao I saw, no cosplay, no pretence, just a very sincere and honest girl. This is also probably the first time I’ve allowed you guys to hear me interview LOL!


I had a lot of fun interviewing Alodia and I think I can see why this girl is so popular. Not only is she insanely beautiful and talented, she also have a very sincere and easy-going demeanour. She was always willing to do what was asked of her and she does it professionally.

Like this promotional video we did for ICDS. We had already settled down for dinner and were waiting for our food to come before I suddenly remember we forgot to film this. And Alodia took no time to agree with popping out of the restaurant for a short while to film this. And she did this impromptu video in one take =)

Much thanks to The Neo Tokyo Project and International Cosplay Day Singapore for giving me the chance to meet and interview Alodia Gosiengfiao. Also special thanks to Brian Lim for his awesome photographs and microphone.

Hope you guys enjoyed watching this!


Mitsuki said…
thanks for the awesome interview Kaika :D it is really nice to get to know someone better, and interviews are the best way to do so ^^
Sebastian Michaelis Phantomhiv said…
Such a nice interview, worth for 20-minutes in my ear about Alodia!

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