AFA 2013, Day3 (Cosplay Photos)

Hi guys! I’m finally here with the Cosplayer photographs from AFA Day3 (Sunday). I just had dinner with a friend who participated in the Shingeki no Kyojin and Valrave stageshows last weekend and she shared so much about the 2 stageshow that made me wished I was there!!!! *envies*

Anyway, I digressed. Cosplayers photo here, nah.


Cvy ~~~~

Much thanks to all the cosplayers who posed for me! If you want your photo down, please let me know =)


Darcy and Peggy xD!

I’m amazed at how well this photo turned out! I even managed to cut the background crowd away! Everyone’s cosplay was so cool last weekend but if I had to choose a favourite, I think I’ll stick the title to the Chibi Mikasa & Sasha Braus cosplay!


Yoyo and Eniko cosplaying as Sasha Braus! This lovely duo is a mother and daughter pair. They enjoy attending events and cosplaying the same characters together! Last Cosfest both of them cosplayed Chun Li!


Then there’s the super chibi Mikasa cosplayer. I think she is less than 2 years old ^_^ Isn’t she cuteeee XD?!


Her cuteness is further enhanced by having such cute parents who not only bothered to dress her up but also prepared a signboard to inform everyone of her presence. Man, with parents like these I’m sure she would have a superb childhood xD


Everyone was smitten by her and there was predictably, a wall of photographers surrounding her =) So cute larhhhhh >o<!

Anyway I shall end my blog entry abruptly here. I hope you guys enjoyed the photos! Took me a while to edit all of them…


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