Anime Festival Asia 2013 (Cosplay Photo pimps)

Hi guys! How many of you were at AFA SG today (yesterday) and will be going tomorrow (today) XD??


Either way, I’m here to share some photos I took today. Sorry but I took very little photos today because I arrived after 4pm. I didn’t bother to buy a ticket to enter the halls since the day was half gone.


This is the familiar Suntec level 3 way walk where anyone and everyone gathers.The crowd was so not fun to be in =_=. I know the photo above looks somewhat bare but it was taken at 6:20pm where most of the crowd have either 1) Gone to change out 2) Gone for early dinner 3) Queuing to enter the concert.


This is the level 4 crowd. They are all queuing to enter the concert.


I don’t know why is it so but the moment I stepped into the area I felt this immense pressure and stress =\ I think it might be the overwhelming amount of people that make me felt a little lost. Or maybe it’s simply because I haven’t been to an event for a long time.

And even though I’m not sure if I like the way the new Suntec building is being designed (The convention halls are isolated from the shops) , I shall appreciate how shiny and techy everything appears now. On level 4 there was even a huge ass projection screen that was screening the event schedules/timetable. Pretty neat huh?

Okok, I’ve rambled enough, please check out the cosplay photos below! Thank you to all the cosplayers who graced my photographs and thanks to everyone who said Hi and gave me their coscards ^_^ /



Tomsche Von Geekington Murrath said…
Athenaaaa *does a gurgling Seiya is knocked down again gurgle*
xKaL said…
Hey Kaika! I saw you at AFA yesterday (saw you walked passed me)!!! I'm surprised you didn't snap a shot of the ultimate Madoka. Her costume was awesome :)
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
oh I asked the Madoka & Homura for photos and they directed my attention tot he Madokami at the side. We wanted to invite her for the photo but she was busy talking to someone else so we just went ahead first ^^;

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