CoFesta day1: International Drama Festival in Tokyo 2013

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but my recent Japan trip was actually to be one of CoFesta's ambassador for this year. logopc130918

Cofesta (Japan International Contents Festival ) is the world's largest comprehensive contents festival.The events are all connected with the contents industry of Japan such as games, animation, manga, characters, broadcast, music and film. CoFesta exists with the purpose of bringing international collaborations and business together by providing opportunities to exchange and promote Japanese content abroad.

Some of their events include the Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo International Music Market, Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair, Japan Game Awards, Tokyo International Film Festival, Tokyo International Anime Festival  and etc. Click here for a more comprehensive list of events under CoFesta.

Along with 3 other ‘Japanese culture influencer’ from Singapore, we joined the group of  9 other CoFesta ambassadors in Japan for the trip. 


XiaXue (Blogger) , Khay Aw (Student Leader) , EvaComics (Comic Artiste) and Me (Cosplay Blogger I guess?) !

Here are my fellow Singaporean ambassadors! I had no idea who I would be traveling with prior to meeting them so it was a pleasant surprise to see many of them. 


On the second day of the trip we were given exclusive privilege to be at the International Drama Festival in Tokyo. It was actually the award ceremony and it totally emitted this formal vibe.


I think we were the only few with colours (in our clothes & hair) 8D. Many people were just standing around with documents in their hands looking like they were on the lookout for their VIP xD There were also people with flower bouquets in their hand.

The International Drama Festival in Tokyo is a festival that aims to represent the Japanese broadcast scene. It was established in 2007 in order to distribute Japanese dramas to the world. To promote programs to foreign countries , raise awareness on the level of quality and to enable global communication through TV contents.

The International Drama Festival in Tokyo we attended was also an awards ceremony. Below are the Drama winner lists. 


The Grand Prix (Series Drama): Ama-Chan

Double Face

The Grand Prix (Single Drama): Double Face

For the complete list of finalist Dramas, click here.

The festival kinda makes me wanna watch Ama-chan now hehehe.  Double faced also looks interesting. If I'm not wrong, it seems to be is a remake of the 2001 Hong Kong Series "Internal Affairs". 


The winners of the day


Rena Nounen receiving her prize for the best performance by an actress.

Thai Actor Atichart Chumnanont representing his Drama “Khun Seuk -The Warrior-”

Since it was a Award ceremony for the media personnel, there was no lack of video cameras covering the event xD check out the entire row of big ass cameras lined up behind ! 

The line seriously filled up the width of the hall xD


And then there was the food xD 


I’m so sad to realise I forgot to eat the cakes =(


Didn't get any toasted bread with olive oil and cream cheese either =(



I really should have tried that scary looking fruit in the middle! Anyone have any idea what fruit that is?


The awards ceremony was held at the Tokyo Prince Hotel and the entire set up was very beautifully. Check out the ceiling lights! I thought it was pretty artsy. One thing though, as it was a free standing event, we had to stand for the entire time @_@;


After that we rushed back to the hotel for a change of clothes. Much thanks to the organisers of the event (Actually that’s CoFESTA’ itself xD) for allowing us entry into the event. It was a very rare and unique experience =)


Tomsche Von Geekington Murrath said…
Aren't that figs in the middle?
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
ah it appears to be so!

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