MOTD: American Meteor Garden, Super Junior cosplays Ahri & Naruto rice padi!

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American remake of Meteor Garden

And it seems like the whole world has made (or is going to make) a live adaptation of the highly popular Japanese Manga; Meteor Garden. Taiwan, Japan, Korea and now…. America. It’s a big shock to me, I honestly never saw this coming.

Does this mean the Asian culture is slowly being accepted and revered in America or is this another attempt to bank in on Meteor Garden’s  proven formula of success?


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Japanese Rice Art

Am I the only one who was dumbfounded when I saw this? I never knew you could create artworks with a rice padi field! Kudos to the meticulous Japanese for not only thinking of it but also actually executing it. I can only imagine the amount of mathematical calculations it involves!



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Male Idols fit for Anime characters came up with a list of Kpop stars who would do well to cosplay anime characters. It’s a pretty interesting list xD

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Super Junior celebrates their Debut Anniversary with Cosplays

I’m glad I wasn’t drinking when I saw this picture 8D And I can’t make up my mind whether to applaud their sheer courage or facepalm at their well…. nevertheless I had a jolly good laugh =)


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