Merry Christmas 2013 !

Thank you for yet another year with TheCosplayChronicles! Can you believe it's been 4 years already?! Where did all the time go???

It has been yet another long year and I thank everyone of you for sticking with TCC while she grows. I'm really hoping to do more with TCC and I'm exploring new contents, new platforms so feel free to tell me what you want to see/use !

Apologies for the belated Christmas post here! I've been so busy juggling life and blog and this festive season offered no rest at all! I feel double tired actually haha!

I went out for a Pre-Christmas gathering on Christmas eve with my dear friends and on the way back, I dropped my phone on the road and totally didn't miss it until I got home, bathed and wanted to take a photo of the Christmas presents! *Palms* I went into a search frenzy and called out to my friend, even troubling them to search the family car to see if the phone was there.

Anyway, cut the story short, my iPhone was dropped on the road and left alone to be trampled by cars for near 2 hours LOL. You bet I was amazed (and mortified) to find it on the street. The screen's totally smashed and I couldn't get it to start. Thankfully, Yuanie ( suggest I plug it into power , which I did and it started again!

Took this photo after the phone miraculously powered up so as to show my friends the screen damage. Seems like iPhone's not as fragile as people says! The photo is blurred because the glass/plastic/screen in front of the front camera is shattered way too much. Thank God, the iPhone managed to stay alive throughout the next day for me to do some phone calls, internet and back up.

Then it was a super early and long and fun day at Church =) Was doing the deco so I had to be there by 8:30 am LOL

Anyway, I went ahead to get the Samsung note 3 yesterday since I was so addicted to my phone it was really not good to have that shattered iPhone on hand.

So yes, I was busy with my new phone and thus the late greetings xD Hope you guys had a good year and see you soon!!!

Remember to comment and tell me what you want me to do in the new year !

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Ashley Aguilar said…
Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year! That sucks about the phone 0_0

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