Setsuka Heels ( SKIP BEAT) Costume break down.

And so I cosplayed Setsuka Heels from SKIP BEAT and this is my costume break down entry. I’m ashamed to admit that my costume is very ghetto, yes very ghetto, but hopefully someone find this entry useful!.


For more photos of my Setsuka Heels, click here!!


For the costume,  I tailored the blazer and bought the inner top and shorts from stores. I find it amusing that this is the fabric left over from my Idamaria (Defense Devil) and Megurine Luka (Rondo of the Sun & Moon) LOL. In case any of you is interested, the fabric I used is Polyester Satin. I used the wrong side of the fabric because I prefer to have a muted sort of shine for the blazer and only left the collar shiny.

This is a relatively simple costume and the hardest part was the punk accessories. She spotted a lot of spikes and chains which cost SO MUCH in Singapore ! The last time i checked, each of that spike around her neck cost at least $1.50!! I also couldn't find the belt she worn for an affordable price in Singapore either. Woes be to Singaporean cosplayers , everything cost so much here :( !!!


Thankfully I had a lot of time to prepare and during my last trip to Philippines for Fantasy Quest 2012, I ventured into the much feared upon Divisora and got all my stuffs there!


All these from Divisora at a fraction of the price in Singapore! I believe I bought the belt for 150peso (SGD $4.50?). Something interesting about my belt acquiring experience was the fact that I bought this while on a Jeepney. I had already given up hope of finding the belt and we were on our way back when Jerry suddenly spotted a guy peddling these belts while the car was stuck in a red light. Then it was a frantic rush to get the guy over and me pulling money out. 


I bought the black stretchy pvc for my gloves from Divisora too. I basically just traced the outline of my palm , left some allowance around the edges, cut it out and sew around the corners. Had to hand sew my gloves because the pvc was too slippery for my sewing machine.


The accessories took quite a while to complete but they can barely be seen in the photographs( />_<\ )! Especially the earrings! They were really uncomfortable to wear too =_=; Special thanks to Jerry Polence for helping me find the little crosses and buying them for me <3 !

The spike choker was also made by me because I’m too cheap to buy. I cut the leather choker base from a leather belt which I managed to buy cheap ($2 only!) from China Town. Took out it’s original studs and put my own spikes in. Then i sewed velcro at both ends for closing.


To add to the punk feel, I also worn a lot of spikey rings and bracelet.

Then came the wig. It only dawned upon me that I have to do something for her hair like, 2 weeks before the shoot. I almost wanted to shoot myself \(X____X)/ . The wig is actually a straight long platinum blonde wig from Assist Wigs . 


Wig from: Assist Wigs

Go check them out, they are a lovely and friendly Japanese wig seller! The quality of the wig is very nice and smooth and you might be surprised to know that it was the same wig I used for Millia Rage (more photos here). What’s more, I only trimmed the hair slightly at some areas, I did not cut it at all <3


I basically split the hair into 2 sections (top and bottom) then tried tying and weaving the top sections to fake short layered hair. It’s kinda hard to explain … maybe I’ll do a simple tutorial when I have time. Unfortunately, this method does eats up quite a bit of hair and with a wig that was not meant for this meant that the volume of the wig was lacking. The back didn’t have as much hair covering the plaits as I wanted. Which is why we barely had any shots of my back.

After I was satisfied with what this unorthodox method could achieve, I went on to tackle her highlights. Setsu have fuchsia pink highlights and for a period I got pretty sad about it. I didn’t want to cut the wig because I’d much rather have a full straight wig that I might be able to use for other characters. And it seems impossible for the wig to stay ‘generic’ after having pink highlights.

Thankfully Jason from The Neo Tokyo Project shared with me his Chalk dying tutorial and I found a way to do temporary wig dying!!


Here’s a picture of my wig drying. The colour of the chalk depletes (or maybe it flaked off) as time goes by so don’t be afraid to rub more colours into yours. Hairspray helps the colour to stay a little better.

In case you’re wondering, yes the chalk WILL come off. If your costume is light coloured and you will be in outdoor or possible wet environment then this method might not be suitable. I shot this costume in mostly air-conditioned environment and for only a few hours so it fits my purpose just well.


I bought my pastel chalk from Art Supplies shops in Bras Basah but after that I found out that Daiso sell them too =_=; Saw this at the Vivocity branch.

photo 5

I made a video talking about the wig.


I’m sorry this entry seemed kind of useless compared to my other Character Tutorials. But I hope you at least had fun reading !


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How did you make the lip ring? I'm afraid of the metal cutting into the skin of my lips. Thank you!
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